Seceuroglide seceuroglide roller door colour finish aluminium roller garage doors insulated

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Roller Garage Doors - Insulated

No Hood - Colour Finish

Material: Aluminium 
Gear Type: Roller Shutter 
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The SeceuroDrive motor now comes with a 7 year warranty. SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors now come with the SeceuroDrive motor as standard.

The Seceuroglide twin walled insulated roller garage door is an elegantly simple, well proven design, with robust, reliable and secure design features offering excellent protection for your garage. It has been the U.K.'s leading roller garage door product since 1994 - a product other roller door manufacturers can only aspire to.

If you do any homework and research on insulated roller garage doors you will find the Seceuroglide roller door offers all the main features required of a higher quality roller door as standard where other manufacturers have these features as options to the basic package.
Security, quality, safety and style are the leading features of this door.
The SWS Seceuroglide was the original insulated roller garage door in the U.K. and has continued to be developed over the years as well as always complying with the very latest CE marking and safety requirements.

It offers the very best value for money as well as lasting durability through high quality components

Beware of cheap insulated roller doors!! They may not be compliant with UK regulations!

Safety is a key feature on any Seceuroglide with a bottom slat sensor fitted as standard on all garage doors and anti fall back devices on doors of certain sizes, safety photo cells can be added if extra protection is required, i.e. if  your garage is near to a public area or pathway. The door only needs the slightest resistance when closing and it will reverse to avoid cruching or damaging the obstruction.

Before 2007 it was perfectly acceptable to have infra red beams as the only form of safety in terms of obstacle detection but since then far stricter regulations have been introduced and the standard requirement is now a bottom edge detection system in order to get full protection during the complete closing cycle of the roller door. The door must be able to detect an obstruction at any point during closing and stop immediately and reverse back. An infra red beam only gives protection in one specific area and is not an adequate protection system, this includes some companies who are using a 'light wall' which in effect is just more infra red beams. Not only is this still not sufficient protection but they can cause a nightmare in bad weather when the beams can be easily affected by the beam lenses fogging up as well as being affected if they get knocked out of alignment.

Standard Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Doors
SeceuroGlide remote control insulated roller garage doors are manufactured from twin walled foam-filled aluminium slats and operated by radio remote key fob transmitters as standard. They are designed to install with minimal headroom above the opening and are fully CE compliant and safety tested.

Maximum width:       5400mm
Maximum height:     3500mm (At this height the maximum width is 3000mm)
Headroom required: 300mm (Doors up to 2500mm opening height)
                                      350mm (Doors up to 3500mm opening height)

Description: CD77 twin-walled aluminium slat, insulated with CFC-free foam to reduce heat loss and sound transmission.

Dimensions: Nominally 78.5mm high x 17mm thick
Assembly: Slats are held in place with high performance nylon webbing. For additional strength SeceuroGlide features a 77mm extruded aluminium bottom slat which incorporates a 25mm rubber seal to help prevent water ingress and draughts.

Vision option: Optional polycarbonate glazed vision slats are available to allow natural light into the garage.



For further information on the Seceuroglide roller shutter doors, please click here >

Standard Colours:
Light Beige
Fir Green
Navy Blue
Light Grey*
Silver Metallic*
Heritage Green*
New Colours for July 2016:
Duck Egg Blue
Chartwell Green
English Oak - painted woodgrain
Walnut - painted woodgrain
Natural Oak - painted woodgrain

*Powdercoated guides to match door colour finish, with the exception of Silver Metallic, Anthracite and Light Grey, Ivory and Heritage Green which are all supplied at a surcharge.

Choose your 1st Transmitter and Choose your 2nd Transmitter:
When purchasing a Seceuroglide Garage Door you can now choose the two remotes you would like to operate your garage door.
The number of radio channels varies and whether you have a wall holder or not. For example if you have a single width roller door for a single car garage you may want one transmitter for the car and one to mount onto the wall in the garage or house to act as a remote control wall switch. The Plus transmitter is the largest one with the largest buttons for ease of use.
> Large Plus 7 channel c/w holder
> Black Smooth (either 2 or 4 channel) c/w holder
> White Smooth 4 channel c/w holder
> Chrome 4 channel
> Chrome Ellipse 4 channel
> Classic 2 channel

Construction: Roll formed aluminium in either one or two sections - 90° facia and 45° lid .
Standard colours: White or Brown as standard (Available in any of the other plain colour finishes at a surcharge)

Description: Extruded aluminium with dense brush strip insert for improved insulation.
Dimensions: Doors up to 4600mm wide supplied with 75mm wide x 27mm deep as standard.
Doors over 4600mm wide supplied with 90mm wide x 34mm deep as standard.
Standard colours: Powder coated guide rails supplied as standard
(Light Grey, Anthracite, Silver Metallic, Ivory and Heritage Green - colour matched guides subject to a surcharge)

Construction: 100mm galvanised steel fluted axle.
A locking collar and bolt are incorporated into the axle. As SeceuroGlide closes, the bolt engages with the end plate’s lock comb to secure the door, this is unique to the Seceuroglide door.
Motor: SeceuroDrive motor.
End plates: 3mm galvanised steel. Designed to fit into the top of the guide rail for easy location during installation. Feature integral comb lock for security mechanism.

Remote unit: SeceuroSmart remote receiver unit with integral courtesy light and two key fob transmitters with rolling code technology.
Safety: All SeceuroSmart receiver units supplied with a bottom slat safety edge pressure sensitive device as standard and are fully compliant with all latest regulations for remote control electric doors.

To be used when a door is fitted on an uneven floor.
When the door is down the uneven floor can compress the rubber chamber causing an obstacle signal to be generated.  This would cause the door to reopen slightly. To stop this from happening, a magnet and sensor can be fitted to the door, which deactivates the safety edge before it hits the floor preventing the reopening.
Double doors may be more susceptable where the floor can be a lot higher in the middle of the opening.

Guides are 75mm as standard with the option of 90mm guides. Please be aware that the (overall guide width) ordering size will be wider than with the standard 75mm guides! Also, 180mm will need to be added to the door opening width required, not the standard 150mm for the 75mm standard guides.


An essential item for internally installed roller doors with no other means of access into the garage.


For operating the door without the transmitter, this is an easy item to install and set up.

Another useful accessory for access control without a transmitter. This single pole keyswitch is provided with 3 keys and will require hardwiring back to the control box internally. The operation is by a single impulse in either direction.

SeceuroGlide roller doors are extremely versatile and can accommodate curved or non-standard openings.
They can be fitted in any of the following ways:

Installed inside the opening. Here the inside edge of the guide rails line up with the brick opening ideally. This is the preferred installation position for any roller garage door.
Ideal where headroom inside the garage isn’t seriously restricted. Internal reveal fixing may be used to great effect in arched openings.

Installed outside the opening. Ideal where headroom is particularly restricted. Requires full box option for weatherproofing. Be aware you will be viewing the inside face of the curtain and this may differ in colour on laminate finish options as well as being the concave side of the curved slat.

Installed with the opening itself. Maximises all internal space in the garage whilst not obscuring the exterior of the garage. Requires good reveal headroom. Reveal fixing the door also reduces with drive through width of the door by the width of the guide rails chosen. 

For further information on the Seceuroglide roller shutter doors, please click here >


Full installation details provided with every door.

The Overall Width for a Seceuroglide is also the reference for the Ordering Width when purchasing the door and is the Drive Through Width plus the aluminium guides on each side which are 75mm each side on a door up to 5200mm total width or 90mm each on a door over 5200mm. You can also order the 90mm guides for any size door if required and they come as standard on an Excel door. Always remember to add the guide size chosen to the size required inbetween the vertical guides for ordering

i.e. a 2500mm wide Drive Through Width means adding a further 150mm for the 2 standard 75mm guides giving an Ordering Width size of 2650mm.

Standard 75mm guides supplied for the Seceuroglide door up to 5200mm total width. (All width measurements to include these guides when ordering!)
Larger 90mm guides are standard for all doors 5200mm or wider or an optional extra for increased stability in high exposed windy areas.
(All width measurements to include these guides when ordering)

Height Dimensions Explained
The Guide Height is also the reference for the Ordering Height size for a Seceuroglide roller door. It is the height of the aluminium side guides that the roller curtain slides in without the endplates and roll included above it.

The Total Height is the Guide Height plus the Endplate and roll dimension which is 300mm for a guide height  up to 2500mm and 350mm for a guide height over 2500mm - with a maximum guide height of 3500mm (i.e. Total height 3850mm including endplates).


All Seceuroglide products are guaranteed against defect of material or workmanship by SWS UK subject to correct installation, maintenance and operation for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

The SeceuroDrive electric motor carries a 7 year warranty.