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Front Entrance Doors

If you want to 'make an entrance' - Choose a Hormann Front Entrance Door.

Samson Doors are specialist suppliers for the latest front entrance door ranges for the home from Hormann. Available in Aluminium or Steel in the ThermoSafe, ThermoCarbon or ThermoPro ranges respectively, the wide range of entrance doors designs will make any house into a home, with some of the highest levels of security and insulation levels achieved combined with superb individual styling and finish.

Hormann Entrance Doors are available in a large selection of designs, finishes and styles. Having manufactured front entrance doors for well over 50 years, including the sale of 13 million doors worldwide, Hormann have become experienced specialists in the front entrance doors market. All of their products are produced with the same ideology of "Quality Without Compromise"  which has earnt them their spot as number 1 in Europe for so many years.
'Secured by Design' specifications are also available for many of the entrance doors for total security and peace of mind. The ThermoPro Plus range.

Possessing a range of different security locking mechanisms and a stylish exterior combined with excellent thermal insulation, Hormann front entrance doors offer top class security, energy-saving insulation whilst improving the image of your household.
The excellent finishes of the door panels, with a choice of almost any colour available ultimately means you can specify a door to satisfy the most demanding of requirements, whether that is based on security, colour, design or insulation.

Hormann Entrance Doors


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Hormann Entrance Doors are also available with various matching garage doors to give your home that crisp, co ordinated and completed look. This is ideal when your garage door is on the same elevation as your entrance door as the co-ordination of matching colours and patterns greatly enhances the appearance of your property; whilst ideal for the garage door to be on a level terrain with the entrance door, matching garage and entrance doors can also be utilised for the perfect look when on different floors when designed correctly. The Hormann garage door ranges are all supplied by Samson Doors and this includes sectional, roller or up and over mechanisms.


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Hormann Entrance Doors can be categorised into two different groups - Aluminium entrance doors and bespoke Steel entrance doors, in a variety of choices. Available in a range of different colours and finishes, Hormann front entrance doors for homes and offices are ideal security functions. You may well see a design in both ranges very similar but the build and options are very different indeed with the aluminium doors being almost totally specified from the threshold upwards whilst the steel doors have more limited options but still surpass all expectations of a high quality entrance door. The insulation levels of these doors is exceptional by any standards in UK or Europe.

hormann thermosafe entrance doors

Hormann ThermoPro entrance doors

aluminium metal front door powder coated in white RAL 9016

aluminium front entrance door for household finished in CH 703 black light grey metallic

hormann front entrance door finished in decograin golden oak

RAL 9016 White

CH 703 grey

DecoGrain Golden Oak

What is the difference between the Hormann Aluminium & the Hormann ThermoPro Steel Door Range?

The main difference between the Hormann ThermoPro steel range and the Hormann aluminium range is that all the Thermopro doors all have a standard specification of panel design, panel thickness, fixing frame, glazing, locking and handles – what you seeis what you get. The only thing you can specify is the colour, size and handing of the hinges and on some doors a change on the handle size and style whereas with the ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon aluminium range of doors, you can literally specify everything to suit your exact requirements from the ground up.
The ThermoPro entrance doors are one of the highest standard specification steel doors in the UK  with very high levels of insulation and security. The door panels are all constructed from steel and the fixing sub frames in aluminium. Now available is the Thermopro PLUS enabling you to purchase a front door at 65mm thick rather than the standard 46mm. Extra levels of insulation for sound and temperature are guaranteed with some of the highest levels of insulation available for any external building product.
The Aluminium range is a range of doors where and all the doors and sub frames are constructed from high grade aluminium components with some carbon used in the ThermoCarbon door models.


Customisation of my door

Colours, glazing, handles, sizes, frame colours, locking and other designer elements can all be ordered to suit in an aluminium door and the levels of security are extremely high as standard with further options on the electronic operation of upgraded locking systems by various access control methods. The locking is also fully integrated into the door panel and is not an add on like so many other high specification entrance doors. The thermal efficiency and sealing properties of a Hormann entrance door are extremely high compared to most other doors.
Both entrance door ranges now offer the additional side glazed elements and glazed transoms as well as solid matching fixed sections but again the Thermopro range is limited on choice but still triple glazed on many designs and the aluminium range has almost limitless options with glass designs, finishes and frame colours.
These entrance doors are precision engineered products and we don’t think you will easily find doors of this quality generally available.


Matching Entrance & Garage Doors

Samson Doors offer the entire range of Hormann Entrance Doors and garage side doors with a survey and installation service if required. The range of doors is enormous and nearly all the standard door styles have many options to enable you to personalise the visual appearance of the door as well as specify the security, locking and access control to suit your home. The home entrance door range consists of the ThermoPro, ThermoPro Plus, TopComfort, ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon models each offering a different level of specification and unique options. These are quite simply some of the highest quality steel and aluminium entrance doors you will find anywhere and one of the other unique advantages is the ability to co ordinate the door with a matching garage door, either in style, finish or colour. Hormann manufacture some of the finest up and over and sectional garage doors in the world and are one of only a handful of companies offering the possibility for matching garage doors, side doors and entrance doors. Of course this also means you can co ordinate the locking and access control of the door on your home.

Your new entrance door should be very special. It should match the style of your home and be prestigious, expressing your excellent taste. At the same time, your entrance door should also meet

 highsecurity standards and help save energy with high thermal insulation values. Aluminium doors are a good choice. You will discover

 that aluminium doors are superior to plastic and wooden doors in many ways. Other than the many technical equipment and design options, you can enjoy a number of additional advantages:

• high acoustic rating
• high thermal insulation
• high security
• high stability
• no follow-up painting necessary, the doors look as good as new after many years of service.

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Take a look at some of these recent installations showing how one of these super modern Thermopro entrance doors can blend in beautifully with a more traditional style build of property. The stainless steel elements can also be complimented by a stainless steel sill on the floor.

TPS750 thermopro plus in white with sandblasted glazed side lights  tps 900 in anthracite grey