Hormann hormann spu f42 steel sectional doors industrial

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SPU F42 Insulated Steel Door
Sectional Doors - Industrial
Max Width 8m Max Height 7.5m
Material: Steel 
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The Hormann SPU F42 sectional overhead door is a door capable of fulfilling nearly every requirement for any commercial or industrial application. Strong, reliable, insulated, made to order, engineered to perfection and best of all, very economical compared to nearly every other industrial door option, it is one of the best types of doors to consider for your building. This is a door offering far higher levels of performance than any roller shutter door can unless specified to very high levels by which time the price is far greater than the sectional door anyway.

The SPU F42 is a 42mm thick double skinned insulated steel sectional door available in a stucco textured surface or micrograin surface finish. It has excellent thermal insulation with a HCFC free polyurethane rigid foam core providing installed U values as low as 1.0 W/m2K.

The door is available in 14 standard paint finish colours and any size up to 8000mm wide and 7000mm high with endless spring lifting arrangements to suit the internal shape of the building. It can be produced in almost any RAL colour and some popular UK cladding colours for a small additional charge.
In our online shop we offer this door up to 6000mm wide and 5000mm high for faster delivery and easier specification with the standard N track mechanism only. The door can be ordered in larger sizes and with a massive choice of different track options and spring positions to suit the building and maximise space and efficiency.
Single and three phase electric operators are available with almost any type of access control method to suit the environement and users of the door.

A huge range of 26mm thick double sealed window units are possible in the SPU42, offering light and vision where required.

The optional wicket door is a masterpiece of engineering with only a 10mm threshold to reduce the possibility of tripping to an absolute minimum. This door can also be specified with panic hardware to use as a fire escape door. The standard wicket door is also much sider than the average competitors door for ease of access and can be positioned in seeveral places depending on the width of the door overall.

For more information view the Hormann Industrial Sectional Doors Brochure.

Secured By Design Accreditation

The SPU F42 and the SPU67 Thermo sectional doors have been awarded the Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation recently to further enhance this industry leading sectional overhead door.
In order to achieve SBD status, the SPU F42 and the SPU67 Thermo were tested against a set of key security standards to ensure optimum safety requirements were met, this includes issues surrounding current trends in crime in the UK. Following these tests, the SBD label established both the SPU F42 and the SPU 67 Thermo industrial doors as highly secure options for industrial and commercial buildings.
In order to achieve this accreditation a manually operated door must have an additional shoot or rotary bolt. The electric operated version must be fitted with an extra anti-lift kit, both beinbg very small additonal uplift in cost.


Industrial and commercial buildings where good levels of insulation are required or large openings.
Number of operations per day determines the motor required and springing system.


Doors to comply with EN 13241-1 (requirements for safety in use of power operated doors) with 3rd party certification by recognized testing authority.
Wind pressure to EN 12424: Class 3. Doors to achieve higher wind classes are available on request.
Water tightness EN 12425: Class 3.
Air Permeability BS EN 12426: Class 2.
EN 717-1 Sound insulation R= 22dB.
Thermal insulation to EN13241, annex B EN 12428: Section U = 0.5 W/m²K.
U = 1.0 W/m²K – (value based on installed door up to 25m²).
Manual opening force <260 N - Closing force <400 N.
Prevention of persons being lifted (dead-man’s control or torque limit on impulse control). Operator with self-holding gears to hold door in the event of cable or spring failure (Anti-drop safeguard).
Anti-slack cable device.
CE marked with manufacturer’s declaration of conformity.

Tracks: Galvanised steel track system with side frames shaped as hand guards.
Arrangement: Normal lift – Ref: N.
Door Panel: Double-skinned galvanised steel with HCFC-CFC free polyurethane rigid foam sandwich core, door
panel with finger trap protection to panel joint inside and out.
S-ribbed: Stucco-textured inside and outside vertically ribbed at 125mm increments.
L-ribbed: Micrograin outside, stucco-textured inside. NEW
Panel depth: 750 / 625mm up to 6000mm wide.
S-ribbed: Polyester stucco embossed coating on both sides.
L-ribbed: Fine lines with a smooth surface. NEW
Internal colour: Off White - RAL 9002.
Standard external colours: White - RAL 9016 / Pure White - RAL 9010 / Grey Aluminium - RAL 9007 / White Aluminium - RAL 9006 / Grey White - RAL 9002 / Terra Brown - RAL 8028 / Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016 / Moss Green - RAL 6005 / Leaf Green - RAL 6002 / Gentian Blue - RAL 5010 / Azure Blue - RAL 5009 / Ultramarine Blue - RAL 5002 / Fire Red - RAL 3000 / Rape Yellow - RAL 1021 / Poppy red / Goosewing Grey / Merlin Grey / Olive Green / Sapphire Blue RAL5003.

Vision panels: Type A: DURATEC scratch resistant coating, acrylic double glazed 26mmclear vision panels (635mm wide x 245mm high) with black synthetic frame. Number of windows dependant on door width.
Power operation: 400v 3 phase operator with emergency hand chain operation in case of power failure, with automatic reset. (220v single phase as above available as option for doors up to max 4500mm wide and 4500mm high)
Control: A 435 Pre-wired control unit. Impulse control including Opto-sensor self-monitoring bottom safety edge.
Omission of closing edge safety device required dead man control.
Manual operation: Rope pulley hoist - Chain hoist.
Ironmongery: Security anti-lift device (standard on electric doors only).
Shoot bolt (standard on manual doors) complete with electrical interlock switch, operation side.
Other requirements: Wicket Door without threshold (trip free). Outward opening inset wicket personnel door (position dependent on door width) complete with profile cylinder mortise lock, black plastic lever handle set, door closer and electrical interlock switch.

Performance Characteristics According to EN 13241-1
Construction and quality features SPU F42 SPU 67
Resistance to wind load EN 12424 Door without wicket door, class 3 6)
Door with wicket door, LZ ≤ 4000, class 3 6) 3 6)
Door with wicket door, LZ > 4000, class 2 7) 2 7)
Door with wicket door, LZ ≤ 8000, class 3 6)
Door with wicket door, LZ > 8000, class 2 7)
Water tightness EN 12425 Door without wicket door, class 3 (70 Pa) 3 (70 Pa)
Air permeability EN 12426 Door without wicket door, class 2 8) 2 8)
Door with wicket door, class 1 9) 1 9)
Acoustic insulation EN 717-1 Door without wicket door Rw = . . . dB 25 25
Door with wicket door Rw = . . . dB 24 24
Thermal insulation value
EN 13241-1, appendix B EN 12428
Door without wicket door, U = W/(m2·K) 2) 1.0 (0.94 4)) 0.62 (0.51 4))
– Optional triple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Optional quadruple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Optional climatic double panes (made of single-pane safety glass) U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Optional double panes (made of single-pane safety glass) U = W/(m2·K) 2)
Door with wicket door, U = W/(m2·K) 2) 1.2 (1.2 4)) 0.82 (0.75 4))
– Optional triple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Optional quadruple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Section, U = W/(m2·K) 0,5 0,33
Design Self-supporting
Depth, mm 42 67
Door sizes Max. width mm, LZ 8000 10000
Max. height mm, RM 3) 7500 7500
Material, door leaf Steel, double-skinned, 42 mm
Steel, double-skinned, 67 mm
Aluminium, standard profile
Aluminium, profile with thermal break
Surface, door leaf Galvanized steel, coated RAL 9002
Galvanized steel, coated RAL 9006
Galvanized steel, coated RAL to choose
Anodised aluminium E6 / C0 (previously E6 / EV 1)
Aluminium coated in RAL to choose
Wicket door  
Side Door Matching the door
Glazings Type A section window
Type D section window
Type E section windows
Aluminium glazing frame
Seals All-round on 4 sides
Intermediate seal between the door sections
ThermoFrame PVC hard / soft seal
Locking systems Internal latches
Outside / inside locking
Anti-lift kit For doors of up to 5 m with shaft operator
Safety equipment Finger trap protection
Side trap guards
Spring break safeguard for manual operation
Safety catch for doors with shaft operator


● = Standard * With glazing VG, E2 and G2  
○ = Optional ** Top door section  
1) With optional double pane (single-pane safety glass) 4) Optionally with Thermoframe 7) Class 2 = 0.45 kN/ m2 or 96 km/h
2) For a door surface of 5000 × 5000 mm 5) Door width up to 5500 mm 8) Class 2 = 12 m3/m2h
3) Door height above 7000 mm on request (not with
door type ALR F42 Glazing)
6) Class 3 = 0.7 kN/ m2 or 120 km/h 9) Class 1 = 24 m3/m2h



Installation details are provided with every door and we can offer a full installation service if required.


Industrial products are warrantied for 12 months from installation and do require regular maintanance depending upon frequency of operation.