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Nearly all roller doors can have small sections, or the entire curtain of the door built with perforated or punched open sections. Why would you do this you may ask? So many reasons - Ventilation for underground car parks and fumes, maximum vision for shop windows when closed, vision for seeing inside closed off buildings for security, emergency services, and so on..

Many applications will specify the amount of vision as a percentage and this can be anywhere from around 18% to 45% if the whole curtain is perforated or punched with open sections, all of which will vary in size depending on the curtain slat specification.

Ventilation Roller Shutters

Perforated shutters literally have hundreds of tiny holes in the slats and overall in one large curtain this can easily allow sufficient vision through the closed shutter.

In a commercial or retail environment there are many benefits to perforated shutters:

  • Visibility into the retail environment even when the shop is closed and secured for the evening.
  • Security personnel can verify the shop is secure and unoccupied by looking through the shutter - this does rely on lighting to the inside of course.
  • Ventilation when closed which may be important in many cases
  • Aesthetics when closed by cleave use of lighting and colours to enhance the security shutter appearance.

Vision and Airflow Shutters

In other applications where the shutter is being used as a door, then the perforated or punched slats can offer greater levels of vision and airflow. Up to 50% is possible with the right configuration when ordering. Higher levels of vision and ventilation are possible with roller grilles.

Perforated or punched roller doors are no different to any other roller door and are available as manual or electric operated models with all the same colour options too, along with three phase or single phase motors depending on usage and other factors.

One consideration with any shutter using open punched sections is safety, as these are literally finger traps and it is essential the right safety devices are used when specifying an open slatted shutter or grille. Used in any public areas a roller door should have all the correct safety controls but a grille or punched curtain door may require additional safety as the risks are higher..

We take secure shopping very seriously.