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For the very best in performance, being fit for purpose, and what an industrial or commercial door should represent in any situation, an insulated sectional door is the obvious choice. We are too obsessed in the UK about roller shutter doors, simply because of the low priced models which end up on so many buildings, with no insulation, no real security and certainly very little else to offer apart from just blocking off the opening. High specification, double skinned roller doors are a different matter of course. The insulated, double skinned, steel sectional door is simply way ahead of most industrial door options, simply in terms of performance.

Vertical rising insulated double skinned door panels offer efficient opening space inside and out whilst offering high levels of sound, heat and cold insulation when closed. The performance from the double skinned steel panels is felt in many ways, with a standard panel being 40mm thick and options for up to 80mm thick when necessary.

Industrial sectional doors offer great stability, wind resistance, security, weather protection, easy operation at all sizes through balancing spring systems and minimal operational noise through the sliding gear and roller mechanism. The very basic design for a sectional door offers fantastic standard performance, either as a manual or an electric operated door. All our sectional doors are insulated with a tested performance rating and U value as a fitted door, not just as a panel in isolation.

When you fit a sectional door to any building you can have greater peace of mind in terms of overall reliability and security. A sectional door is built to operate as a manual door first and an electric door as an option so you always have a manual override option if there is ever a power cut or problem in the building.

Why Choose a Sectional Industrial Door?

  • Extremely Robust as always double skinned panels used
  • Low noise and reliable operation mechanism with minimal friction
  • Safe Operation and mechanics
  • Design Oriented surface finishes
  • Insulated panels offering very efficient U values
  • Higher levels of security as standard with strong panel design
  • Configurable internal tracking arrangements to suit the building
  • Optimum Light solutions through high vision window options
  • High speed opening options
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs and finishes
  • No rattling in windy conditions like single skin steel roller doors

We can offer doors up to 10 metres wide and 8 metres high with and without excellent window options for vision and light.

High Speed Door Options

You can now have various sectional doors configured with more powerful, high speed electric motors, which more than often bridges the gap between thinking you need a second high speed fabric door behind your primary door. Why not just have a faster primary door?

We are far too used to budget roller doors with very low specification electric motor drives taking up to over a minute or more to open. Simply not acceptable in a modern world and now you have plenty of options to have a high performance door capable of opening in seconds, giving efficiency and energy savings all round.

When maximum light and vision is required, such as in a retailing environment, we can offer various sectional door models with large glazing panels either mixed in with solid panels or for the entire door.

You can have various surface finishes on a sectional steel door panel with almost any colour possible, but a range of standard colours are available to suit most buildings.

All sectional doors are generally made to measure as standard with no particular standard sizes.

We take secure shopping very seriously.