Folding Doors

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The use of folding doors on industrial and commercial applications makes perfect sense and they are an ideal door choice for minimal maintenance generally. More customers should consider a folding door for their building as they offer so much more for practical reasons and also performance.

A folding door does not rise up and over your head or require complex tracking internally. A folding door is a quiet door operation and offers maximum flexibility for pedestrian access in most cases. You can partially open a folding door and walk through far easier than most other door types.

Our folding industrial doors are all double skinned steel panel construction, with varying depths of panel depending on size and specification. The arrangement of the door panels can be varied to suit the application or customer requirements, whether that is the panel sizing or the number of panels and their configuration in the opening.

Why Use Folding Doors?

  • Flexible opening configurations
  • No internal tracking and minimal headroom requirements
  • Insulated panels providing energy conservation and greater security
  • Easy pedestrian access without opening entire door
  • Effortless manual operation for user
  • Window options - almost limitless
  • Low maintenance and reliable
  • Ideal for very large openings where other doors become a problem
  • Minimal safety issues and easier compliance on commercial applications
  • Quiet operation at any size

We can provide folding doors with top tracking only and a floating bottom, bottom rolling tracking or a combination of both, often depending on the sizes. The ability to adapt the door panels to suit site restrictions is ideal for so many buildings.

The folding door can be face fitted internally or fitted inbetween the aperture. The ability to place optional windows almost anywhere along with grilles, inspection hatches and different pedestrian doors makes this door very flexible for our customers.

Fully glazed aluminium folding doors are also offered within our extensive range where maximum light and vision might be required.

Although most folding doors are manually operated and easy enough to operate manually, we can also provide electric motor drive options, including faster opening doors for the likes of fire stations or other applications where speed is important. Single and three phase motor drives are available with a whole range of control options.

We take secure shopping very seriously.