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Physical security for prevention of crime, damage and suffering is bigger than ever. Samson Doors offer a very wide range of steel and aluminium security grilles and shutters for both domestic and commercial premises. Security for doors, windows and any open aperture.

Samson Doors began in 1994 as Samson Security Shutters, until we incorporated in 1996 as we still are now. We started out with the vision of providing security orientated products.

We have been selling security shutters for doors and windows since 1994 and although much hasn’t changed in terms of the types of products available we have seen massive improvements in the aesthetics and finish of so many security products. We know that properly specified and installed with a good colour choice many security shutters can enhance a building.

Why Security Shutters or Grilles?

  • Prevent the crime, not just alert to it. Secure doors and windows from attempted break ins and protect by physical barriers
  • Almost any size of security roller shutter, made to measure for a perfect fit
  • Manual or Electric operation options, depending on size
  • Almost any colour for roller security shutters, woodgrain options available
  • Simple mechanisms which enable any shape of opening to be protected
  • No intrusive tracking or mechanism, Neat, tidy box for containing the shutter or grille
  • Vertical rolling shutters, horizontal sliding grilles
  • Peace of mind when closed in the evenings
  • Helps protect the doors and windows from damage
  • Close off areas in buildings or warehouses with our trackless barrier systems
  • Helps create ‘layered’ security with 2 products to break through before entry when covering a door or window with a security shutter or grille

We offer fixed, removable or collapsible security grilles in galvanised steel in various designs and in so many standard colours too. Most products are made to measure as no two openings are really ever the same and the sizes will change depending whether you fit inside, inbetween or outside the structural opening.

Certified Security

More and more we see security shutters or grilles required with a minimum standard of certified security such as with the Secured by Design initiative, LPCB approval or LPS1175 standards amongst others. Independently tested and certified products which have various levels of rating depending on the customers and building requirements. We offer various approved and tested products at some basic SR1 and SR2 levels but can also provide specialist shutters for higher level requirements.

Choose security products you can not only rely on, but also trust and give you peace of mind, knowing your property is going to be very difficult to break into without specialist tools and a lot more time involved.

What We Offer:

  • Security Roller Shutters in steel or aluminium
  • Security Retractable Grilles
  • Trackless Security Grilles
  • Trackless Retractable Security Barriers
  • Fixed Steel Bars
  • Mesh Grilles
  • Security Rated Grilles in SR1, SR2 and SR3 Ratings
  • Removable Steel Security Bars
  • Bespoke Security grilles and cages
  • Security Plantation Shutters
We take secure shopping very seriously.