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Made to measure and standard size garage and entrance doors

Samson Doors have been providing high quality roller shutter doors since 1994 and over the years thousands of garage doors, all from top brands, manufactured in high quality steel and aluminium.

Most of our garage doors are promoted because of their excellent quality, but also their security and options for increasing security when required. We supply many trade and domestic clients all around the UK and beyond. offering made to measure and standard size garage, side and entrance doors.

Electric garage doors are far more popular now than when we started in 1994 and to reflect this fact we offer many packages where the door, sub frame, furniture and electric operator mechanism are all packaged, to work harmoniously together. Reliable, secure and always with an emergency manual override, should the power or motor ever fail.

We offer the very best side hinged, roller shutter and sectional garage doors in double skinned, insulated versions, steel and aluminium, but we know many customers do not actually require the insulation, but they do realise the massive benefits of the double skinned steel panel construction for strength, durability, security and longevity.

With double skinned steel panels you can incorporate proper locking mechanisms and when you have windows, they can be double glazed units, also better for strength and security.

Security rated garage doors

We are bringing more and more security rated garage doors to the market as they become available. Properly third party tested and approved garage doors with LPS1175, Secured by Design, RC2 and RC3 options and LPCB approved models all available. Security is a word perhaps far too loosely used when it comes to any type of door and just adding it to the front or end of the model and fitting a bigger lock does not really cut it these days. The doors tested for security have to pass rigorous, controlled environment tests and most fail the first time.

As you might imagine any door built, developed and tested for a certified security rating is also going to be a good strong and stable door in its own right, with greater longevity because of its build quality. Security means strength and also means longevity and peace of mind. 

We take secure shopping very seriously.