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Security grilles are an effective non-obtrusive means of protecting your premises. They are easy to maintain, even easier to use and can offer high levels of security all whilst looking good too. What more could you want from a physical security product?

Retractable security grilles, also known as security gates, are available to protect both your home and working premises. Some of our retractable grilles are so secure, they are recognised, tested, certified and approved by UK Police and insurance companies.

'Secured by Design' for total peace of mind

Security Grilles for the Business
In shop retail locations, security grilles are aesthetically pleasing but allow merchandise to be displayed safely 24 hours a day. In offices, grilles allow plenty of sunlight in to keep the room fresh and light. In most cases, you are able to open the windows for fresh air and ventilation, but without a compromise on security. The opportunist thief is foiled.

call us for prices nowRetractable Security Grilles - Ideal for Windows and Doorways

The SeceuroGuard 1000 is for higher security domestic use and medium security for commercial, retail and counter/cabinet applications. Both the X and S lattice design options are available.

Elegant good looks with a heart of steel! The SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Gate System combines a classic appearance with the highest level of protection, ideal for your home or workplace.

For aUK Police and insurance approved grille tested by the LPCB, take a look at the SeceuroGuard 1001 >

Designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are perfect for any medium to large window and any vulnerable ground floor doors or windows.

When not in use, these strong retractable gates are surprisingly unobtrusive. Fitted to the door or window surround, they can disappear neatly into an unobtrusive 'stack'. If colour coordinated, they are very discreet when retracted, and can easily hide behind curtain.

SeceuroGuard retractable gates are exceptionally safe and easy to handle with a smooth, quiet operation. They hang from a top track with a guide track at the base which can be supplied as an optional extra to quickly fold away when not required.

The opportunity to remove the bottom guide track from the opening (an optional extra) leaves doorways and shop entrances free from obstruction.

Because they are fully retractable, each sash can be stacked neatly in the open position away from the door or window openings when not required. They can be hinged to swing away from the opening at 90 degrees or 180 degrees to provide a completely clear opening as an optional extra.

Installed inside a window, retractable gates deliver an exceptionally strong yet aesthetically appealing barrier against intruders. This allows merchandise to be displayed safely, 24 hours a day, whilst computers and belongings can remain safely in offices.

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Security Grilles Range 

Perfect for medium level security office use including retail and counter/cabinet applications.

The police and insurance-approved retractably security grille for higher security commercial use. 'Secured by Design'.

 seceuroguard security grille layout and specification

1 - Top hung system on nylon coated steel bearings
2 - Galvanised steel high quality construction
3 - Powder coated in a range of standard colours
4 - Installs within or around the reveal
5 - Multi-point locking from single key - 2 point
6 - Strong steel lattice with smooth durable finish
7 - Overlapped locking profiles
8 - Optional folding bottom track for a trip free pedestrian access
9 - Steel riveted lattice assembly system.

       protect and secure your valuable items with a security grille in steel



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