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Samson Industrial and Commercial Sliding Door Range

Samson Doors offer sliding doors for almost every application from a simple doorway size right up to aircraft hangar size.

Hormann Sliding Steel Doors

The sizes available are potentially limitless specifically in the width and all sliding doors are made to measure and designed individually for specific applications. Most doors can be fitted either inside or outside the aperture.

Our sliding doors are nearly all a double skinned steel sandwich construction for extra strength and stability, with various options in the running mechanism to be either supported and sliding at the top or the bottom, depending on the application.

The benefits of a sliding door system are quite obvious in most applications - There are no internal tracks to cause obstructions, there are no spring tension systems requiring maintenance, tensioning and servicing and the life span for sliding door systems are greater than other doors.

The service levels for most sliding doors is absolutely minimal as there are so few moving parts and with little stress placed on them. The door leaf obviously slides neatly along and against a wall either internally or externally leaving maximum space clear.
The overall security for a sliding door is superb as it is difficult to force a panel that is overlapping the structure it is fitted to, and it is effectively secured on all  4 sides, encapsulated in tracking and channel sections. Heavy duty locking bolt sysems or hook locks are used.

Hanger Sliding Doors with windows

All in all a sliding door in many applications is a great long term option and with some thought can be the best investment for your building access. With a built in pedestrian access door the sliding door becomes even more useful with easy access on foot with the main door closed.

A sliding operation door is still one of the most efficient use of space in a building and gives the least maintenance for any commercial or industrial door type. The sliding track system usually means the door is supported from the top track and therefore the bottom track system can be quite flexible in how it secures the door panel, rarely requiring a track across the entire length.

The principle of a straight sliding door is simple and properly specified will give years and years of completely trouble free operation whilst providing excellent levels of weather protection and security due to the excellent design and construction of the component parts

The sliding door system will give nice clean internal workings at any size leaving all the space above the door clear and also any space internally coming back into the building. Operation at any size is an easy manual action.The sliding door mechanism is simple, sturdy and reliable.

Product Ranges

Hormann FST sliding door Range

Diverse range of doors for multi purposes – Manual, electric operation with fire and smoke tight options Stainless steel models. Maximum size 12m x 9m

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Samson PSD sliding doors

A range with diverse panel specifications – Fully and partial glazed. Manual or electric. Domestic or Commercial use. 

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Samson Atlante sliding door Range

A range of general purpose sliding doors for outbuildings, factories, warehouses. Also for internal division of space. Maximum 6m x 5m

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Moreschi Range

A diverse range for the medium to largest openings – Hangars, warehouses, factories. Pedestrian door options. Fully or partially glazed. Limitless widths. No maximum width.

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