Extra Large Roller Doors

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When it comes to any roller door over 7 metres wide and 7 metres high you are into a different league in terms of everything. Delivery, handling, installation and the specification needs to be correct as very large roller doors are obviously extremely heavy and use powerful electric drives and need to withstand wind pressures. Safety is also another key factor during operation.

Most established manufacturers can make a roller door up to around 7m wide and around 6m high with various options for the motor drives and other aspects. However, once you go over this size the components and specification changes very quickly. For a start there are only a few manufacturers in the world making slats for the door curtain itself which remain stable and do not deflect because of the weight and span. If you have ever seen a roller shutter door with the slats dropping in the middle it is because they are not capable of the span and are failing. This will lead to damage and complete failure.

An extra large roller shutter door has to have a super strong barrel for the curtain to roll around to start with. A barrel which won't ever sag. Then you need curtain slats the same, capable of large widths, but remaining stable and perfectly aligned.. Then there is the electric motor drive and gearing. All the mechanism to be a direct drive implementation, ideally for the smoothest operation and less moving parts for the door overall.

Large Roller Shutter Industrial Doors

Samson Doors can supply extra large roller shutter doors up to a massive 18m wide, but then this can also be doubled up to be 36 metres wide, with a removable centre mullion section when required to open fully. The total square meterage is usually a defining factor for the maximum size. These doors at 18 metres wide will have a maximum height of 6 metres in standard form but higher sizes are possible on request, up to 10m high.

Extra large roller shutter doors are used on various buildings, the obvious ones being aircraft hangars, large storage sheds, boat building yards, factories and a few other examples.

The choice for very large industrial specification doors is perhaps limited but they will include roller shutters, sliding and folding doors as well as some more specialist fabric folding solutions.

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