Industrial Sectional Doors

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Industrial Sectional Doors

Industrial Sectional Doors are vertically-opening doors constructed using multiple panel sections built to withstand heavy usage using double skinned steel foam filled panels in the main, but also aluminium framed and glazed panels for varying degrees of high quality vision and natural light. The vertical operation of these doors creates more space in front of and behind the door, allowing you to park vehicles closer and utilise more room inside the building. They offer very high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation from their basic double skinned steel construction but also excellent security too.

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Sectional Doors

* Vertical Operation for maximum space efficiency inside and out
* Double skinned, insulated steel panels with high thermal efficiency
* Made to measure sizes as standard
* Up to 10m wide and 8m high
* Extremely strong panels for durability and security in all environments
* Window and glazing options with fully glazed door models available
* High speed opening capability for busier buildings
* Wide range of powdercoat colour finishes and special RAL/BS on request
* Tracking angle arrangements to suit the building internal space


High Performance

The standard levels of performance from almost any industrial sectional door is far higher than most other doors let alone if you look at higher specification models with super high levels of insulation and other engineering advantages. You can achieve levels of insulation almost impossible with other industrial doors. U values as low as 0.51W/m²·K are possible with some doors, providing unbeatable heat and cold management within your buildings to conserve energy and save costs.

A sectional door will give you a vertically rising door which has the double skinned panels sitting behind the fixing frame and large rubber weatherseals. The action of the door gives rise to a very well sealed final closing position, preventing weather ingress on all sides (assuming a level floor of course). Even the most basic double skinned steel sectional door offers incredible insulation levels, not possible in roller shutter doors.

Internal Space Saving

Many people think the internal tracking for sectional type doors is a problem, but are not always aware that the tracking can be changed from almost any angle between the standard 90 degrees, through to a full vertical tracking, straight up the internal wall. The internal tracking and also the spring balancing can be positioned to suit the building if required and you can follow the angle of the roof line to maximise internal space available when the door is open.


Sectional Door Configuration Options

Manual or Electric

A sectional door can be either manual or electrically operated. The manual version is standard as all doors are counterbalanced with an internal springing system and then operated by a chain mechanism or just push up and pull down if the height isn't too high. An electric sectional door has far less strain on the motor than other door types because of the balancing of the door in standard form. There are various electric drive options using either single or three phase motors. The position of the motor can be varied to suit site conditions and access for the emergency manual override too. Access controls are numerous from a simple hold to run push button station through to totally automatic radar detection operated with full safety systems to detect obstacles.

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Pedestrian Access Doors!

One of the biggest and greatest features for any insulated steel or glazed aluminium sectional door and ideal for any busy premises, is the option for a full size, built in, pedestrian access door. Not a door where you have to lock and unlock other parts of the door before using, it is always ready to use, 24 hours a day, with just the use of a lever handle. Enter and exit the building via a pedestrian (or wicket) door positioned to suit and built in the main door so you never have to even touch the main door, leaving it closed to maintain the internal climate and never expose all to the outside world.

A wicket door in a sectional is a masterpiece of engineering in reality and offers a standard door width far greater then most normal pedestrian doors in use in the UK. With a threshold as low as 10mm you also can wheel items in and out with ease and never worry about a trip hazard. This door can also be specified with panic hardware so could easily work out as part of your fire exit strategy for your building as well.


Windows and Glazing

Another great optional feature are large windows. Proper windows, with a wide choice of shapes and sizes, which can be built into the very robust double skinned steel panels and offer natural light and great levels of vision. Whilst the standard insulated steel doors can have windows in almost any panels, you can also look at an extensive range of doors with much larger, full size glazing panel sections, either combined with the insulated steel panels or built as an entire and fully glazed door with a strong aluminium outer frame. These doors are ideal for showrooms, retail outlets, or indeed any building where natural light is a desirable feature.

Hormann SPU F42 with strip windows and yellow finish Teckentrup SLW40 Partial Glazed Aluminium Horman ALR F42 Fully Glazed grey aluminium door

The glazing options can vary from either single pane real glass through to quadruple layered, highly insulated acrylic glazing with variations inbetween, depending on the exact model and often the size as well.

We also offer fully glazed, designer style sectional doors with the appearance of a frameless complete and entire door panel, using smoked glazing, which is flush fitting to the outside face. This is great for any prestigious or private buildings where appearance is absolutely key.

Bespoke Designs and Matching Facades

One of the more interesting commercial or domestic sectional doors we can offer gives the architect or builder the chance to clad the external face of the individual door panels in order to match the external material or specific design of a building. This door allows surface cladding with various depths and weights of material in order to match or create a flush fitting effect and a hidden door entrance. The maximum size can be as large as 7000mm wide and 4000mm high depending on the exact weight of the materials used.


Colours and Finishes

Simply by the nature of industrial sectional door panels, a flat and large surface, it is possible to have almost any RAL or BS colour along with a choice of external surface finishes in terms of the actual steel and its surface texture. Finish examples are smooth, stucco, micro ribbed and woodgrain. We can also offer some more unusual paint finish options simulating wood finishes and other materials such as Corten and other architectural materials used on modern and designer buildings. Because the door panels never touch each other on the front face their longevity is far better than roller shutter doors.

Teckentrup Standard Colour Options

Teckentrup Additional Colour Options


Durability and Longevity

A high quality double skinned sectional door will probably offer one of the longest lifespans for any industrial door. With minimal components, super strong steel or aluminium panels and a mechanism which operates with the door panels never once touching each other, the wear and tear is always minimal. The door panels are very strong indeed as they are between 40 and 80mm thick with a solid foam core. When closed there is almost no movement at all, even in the highest winds, unlike a rattly steel roller shutter door. This type of door is not only built to perform well as a door it is built well to last a long time too. Any sectional door is built primarily as a manual and spring balanced door so adding an electric operator is simple and the electric motor is under very little strain in most cases, moving an already balanced door.

The rollers either side of the door panels run in galvanised steel channels which hold the roller in place. The door movement is generally very quiet indeed, another feature many people will appreciate when the door is regularly opened during the day and night.

Leading Brands

Samson Doors partner with only leading brand manufacturers for the very best products and least hassle. The best sectional door panels are manufactured in Europe as the market there is far larger than the UK has been so far. We supply sectional doors from Hormann and Teckentrup along with our own brand for more basic applications where time is also a key factor. All the panels are manufactured in Germany or the Netherlands.

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High Speed Sectional Doors

With advances in technology and safety systems you can now easily have a high speed opening sectional door. As we have found out over many years when a customer contacts us and asks for a price on a high speed door, unless it is for specific high specification requirements, it is often just the budget roller door they have is so slow it is annoying and left open all the time because no one wants to operate it and waste time. Our high speed sectional doors can open several times faster than a normal electric industrial door and then several times faster than the very slow electric roller shutter doors found so often on the UK market. 

Faster opening and closing will encourage the door to be left closed more often, increasing security and also internal climate control. If you have an existing roller or sectional door which is too slow it might be worth looking at just changing the whole door rather than adding a fabric high speed roller curtain and then having 2 doors to run and maintain.



We think so many people just don’t consider sectional doors enough, either because they perceive them as too expensive, or they don’t think they can deal with the internal tracking. They are probably the best value for money industrial door type available, considering the performance they offer as standard all round. The internal tracking mechanism options we have explained and they can be dealt with in most cases by some thought to the tracking angles and positioning.

The panels are super strong, the weather sealing properties, acoustic and thermal properties, along with the visual appearance, are all excellent.

Consider a sectional door for your next door….