Sectional garage doors

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Sectional Doors

The sectional overhead garage door is fast becoming one of the most popular types of garage door in the UK, and a lot of the attraction is because of the superior performance offered even on the most basic door models. All sectional garage doors are now insulated, double skinned, foam filled steel doors with between 40mm and 67mm panel depth.

The strength of the angels combined with the sturdiest of operating mechanism all combine to give a superb, rigid, smooth and secure garage door with real longevity assured, mainly because of the way the doors operate.

A sectional door with an electric motor system is possibly one of the most secure types of garage door as standard with further enhancements possible if you want even more security and peace of mind for your garage.

10 Benefits of Sectional Doors

  • All insulated double skinned steel panel
  • Insulated with the best U values for any garage door
  • Ideal for keeping your garage internal atmosphere stable and dry
  • Manual or electric options
  • Standard and bespoke sizes up to a massive 8000mm wide
  • Vertical operation for maximising inside and outside space and parking
  • Endless window options on many different designs available
  • Fully finished inside and out in almost any colour or woodgrain possible
  • Various options on external texture surface finish
  • Fully glazed ‘glass’ garage door models

We offer packages where the various door models and relevant sizes have the appropriate electric operator already specified and included for a beneficial online package price.

Use our left hand Shop Filter to find your perfect insulated sectional garage door from Samson Doors or call our team today on 01933 448 850 to discuss your requirements.

We take secure shopping very seriously.