Security Rated Roller Doors

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How is any door which has the tag of being a ‘security door’ actually judged? It is far too easy for any door with slightly better locking than standard or maybe multi point locking to be called a ‘security door’ - but exactly how secure is another matter? Who decides how secure they are?

The best roller shutter doors specifically required for security don't necessarily have great big locks on them, and it is far more about the whole package. The curtain strength and build, the side guides and how they are fitted to the building and then smaller key features to further enhance security at crucial attack points. It is about having a high quality, well designed, tested and built door from the outset, rather than just ‘bolt ons’ to a flimsy built, lower quality door.

In the UK we have specific third party test houses for testing and approving security products which are sold with various levels of security certification and compliance, depending on the tests they have been subjected to and passed. We have the most popular certifications of LPS1175 and SRS202 and then a sliding scale of exactly how secure they are with rating of SR1 through to SR4 and BR1, through to BR4 when it comes to roller shutter doors. The tests are an achievement of the time taken to gain entry with specific tools used. The tools will vary from simple hand tools, through to high powered grinders and cutting tools and customers can decide and assess which level is best suited to their property and risk from the location and environment.

High Security Roller Doors

Samson Doors sell a wide range of security rated roller shutter doors and security shutters with UK certifications, but also some European certified doors, most commonly the RC2 and RC3 ratings. Higher rated doors will not be in our online shop as they need specialist discussion to ensure the exact specification for build and compliance. Please email or call us for anything other than what exists in our shop.

When you need security and peace of mind you simply cannot just look at ‘security’ doors as the term is far too loosely used in the UK, you need certified security. Often insurers are now asking that doors have some kind of minimal tested rating and this includes products accredited to the Secured by Design initiative. Samson Doors can offer all these doors for you.

  • Peace of mind to leave once down and closed
  • Better overall build components for a better overall roller door and longevity
  • Certified and compliant documentation for insurance purposes.
  • Various ratings are available depending on the environment

The word ‘security’ is just too loosely used when it comes to steel doors specifically. Take some time to assess and judge for yourself based on actual stated and printed facts as well as ensuring the door is also compliant with the correct standards in the UK. If your door is to be used in a commercial or industrial environment it has to be compliant. If you want security then make sure it has some proof rather than just the word ‘security’ in the title.

We take secure shopping very seriously.