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 The Samson Apollo Folding Door System

The Samson Apollo door is a new product designed especially for larger industrial use and busy areas.

Manufactured in the north-eastern Italian town of Pordenone, the Apollo and its sister doors the folding Adone and sliding Atlante, are made by some of the finest industrial door manufacturers in Europe, and because of this, you can be guaranteed of a quality door.

With over twenty years of experience, the Apollo is the culmination of this experience, resulting in a hugely durable and reliable product that can operated safely at all times, a feeling enhanced by the used of a dead-man switch.

The Apollo hangs from the top, yet also runs on a floor track, and this ensures maximum stability and ease of use, and should prevent the door from becomingeasily  worn and difficult to operate through age. Due to the floor track and high quality materials used, the door should remain stable through adverse conditions.

All Apollo doors are purpose built, and this ensures an accurate fit as long as all measurements are carried out properly.

There are many different finishes avilable on the Apollo. This includes smooth colours, stucco coatings, wood-like finishes and more, with RAL optional colours also available upon request.


The dor contains a floor track. The door is attached at the top, with the wings hanging down and into the floor track at the bottom. It then slides along when folded, making this door easy to use.

The doors can fold 90° and this maintains maximum stability.

The motor itself is quiet, efficient and uses a single phased or three phased arm. Alongside this it is armed with a dead-man motor, a must for industrial usage, which immediately stops when no longer being pressed, preventing nasty accidents.