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Security Product Range

Samson Doors offer a wide range of physical security products designed to provide physical resistance to forced attempted break ins and vandalism. Many of the products will offer their original designed function and the additional security is down to design and increased strength and locking facilities to give an enhanced overall product.

We provide security products across the UK and you can purchase by either calling us directly and discussing your requirements or browse through some of our products in our online shop. We can provide assistance at any stage.

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Security Mesh Grilles

The mesh grilles offer the best chance of some very discreet but extremely effective security with some almost impossible mesh designs to cut and force through with most tools. These are ideal for most domestic and commercial applications.

Internal Security Bars

Our internal security bar grilles are for medium levels of security on windows and doorways and can be manufactured to various designs as standard. We offer ‘step’, ‘brick’, ‘standard’ and ‘georgian’ grille designs as standard but can manufacture to any design required on application.

Like the external grilles, these can be hinged, removable, and designed with cut outs, stand off brackets and other features to help ensure the best installation to the fabric of the building. Colour finished to any colour the internal security grille is ideal for many applications with zero maintenance of course.

External Security Bars

Samson offer a wide range of security steel bars for external use and where high levels of security are required. For outside installation an additional primer is used for extra protection against corrosion. Being outside fixed the bar grilles are normally fixed and not removable but within a certain weight range it is possible for a grille to be removable using a lift on and lift off steel pin system with a lockable function.

The grilles are made to measure and cut outs for handles and obstacles as well as hinges for fire escape or day access can be added to most grilles. The outer steel frame can be specified for a face or reveal fix with either lugs for an easy installation or a full frame for a more robust installation as long as the aperture is square.

We offer a choice of 12, 16 or 20mm round or square solid steel bars.

Security Entrance Doors

Samson offer various very high quality front entrance doors from market leaders Hormann and Garador as well as a range of entrance doors purely designed for security and strength.

The Hormann ThermoPro, ThermoSafe and ThermoCarbon not only offer some of the very highest levels of insulation in any front entrance for the security levels are exceptional with multi point locking as standard. Higher levels of security are possible as well as increased levels of security through the use of bio metric access controls and other controls to ensure the home owner is the only person locking and unlocking the door.