Teckentrup teckentrup 62 fst e190 fire sliding door steel fire rated sliding doors

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Teckentrup 62 FST E190 Fire Sliding Door
Fire Rated Sliding Doors
Max Width 8.5m Max Height 6m
Material: Steel 
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The Teckentrup fire sliding steel doors are primarily used where different areas in any buildings are to be separated from each other and that are used by people or hallway vehicles. Fire protection is an essential function and Teckentrup sliding doors provide EN 16034 30- or 90-minute integrity and insulation characteristics.

They are space efficient and very reliable and robust. Very little space is required in the lintel and the doors are available as a 1 leaf or 2 leaf system. 
For easier passage and to enforce further control in the building the multi purpose sliding door can also be ordered with a threshold free wicket door

Why use Teckentrup Fire Sliding Doors?

Strong design
- Large range of RAL colours
- Attractive appearance
- With wicket door and glazing options where required
- No visible screw connections on the door leaf for a smooth finish
- Flush glazing
- High-quality door appearance due to complete panelling
- Variable door entry at the front - also without entry profile

Strong security
- Increased stability of individual elements
- Slopes and inclines where the door opens can be compensated for via the adjustable bottom profile
- Certified fire-resistant and smoke-proof characteristics

Strong service
- Reduced assembly time: up to 15 % savings due to less weight as well as a multitude of different assembly options.
- Smoke seal and castors pre-assembled
- Variable mounting as ceiling or wall mounting with threaded pin
- Sophisticated technical details all help speed up the installation process considerably.
Developed in accordance with the latest EN 16034 product standard, the EI30 and EI90 sliding fire doors meet the highest safety requirements while offering an attractive appearance. Their tubular running system makes them particularly easy to maintain and smooth-running. With the installation variant of the fire protection sliding door as a blunt wall inlet, the sliding door does not require an inlet, leaving the wall completely undamaged. Without an entry profile and with an optional concealed storage area, the sliding doors can be integrated almost invisibly into rooms. Both the sliding fire door EI30 and the sliding fire door EI90 are available in different versions, although their single leaf version is particularly space-saving.



Fire protection inside buildings where divisions occur.

Stainless steel door versions for use in the food industry.

These doors are EI rated so have the fire integrity and insulation ratings required now by so many specifiers and users.
Size Parameters:
Width:  500mm - 8500mm. 
Height: 1500mm - 6000mm. 
Door leaf weight approx. EI230 28 kg/m2  EI290 46 kg/m2.
EI230 and EI290
Smoke-proof according to EN 1634-3 (max 7000mm wide x 4500mm high) 
High-quality steel panels, 62 mm thick.
Double-walled, mineral fibre and gypsum-board infill.
Door Leaf:
Double-walled individual elements (number depends on opening width)
Door leaf thickness: 62mm
Metal sheet thickness: 1.0mm
Insulation: Mineral fibre and gypsum board panels
Element weight: approx. 46kg/m2
Door Leaf Finish Options:
Priming (similar to RAL 9002)
Stainless steel version
 RAL colour of your choice
Corresponding fire protection glazing is optional. 
Wicket door.
Manual push and pull
Electric drive
Door Panel Finish Options:
Galvanised & primed.
RAL polyester powder coated.
Stainless steel.
Space requirements:
See technical sheets separately.

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