Sliding Doors

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A straight sliding, one piece door is about as simple as it gets for operation. All our sliding doors are manufactured from steel and most are double skinned panel construction for strength and also insulation. We offer fire rated models too with rating up to 180 minutes.

From very small to very large sizes, the sliding steel door is a simple and effortless operation, whether the mechanism is a top hung or bottom rolling system.

The sizes possible are almost unlimited and we have telescopic sliding models to enable some space saving and door leaves to all go to one side when opening if site conditions dictate.

We see straight sliding doors used for car parks, large warehouses, super size manufacturing operations, aircraft hangars and also many internal applications for sealing off and dividing buildings into different areas.

We can supply sliding doors with one window for viewing or almost fully glazed for maximum light and vision, with every option in between. Square, rectangular, round and other window shapes are available. All the doors are made to measure as standard and are all made to suit the customer and building requirements.

Just like the folding doors we can provide one or multiple pedestrian doors within the main sliding door panel for easy access without moving the main door. This feature alone is one which so many customers find attractive for their business and it provide great efficiency for any busy building with multiple staff.

Why Use a Straight Sliding Door?

  • Simple operating mechanics
  • Low maintenance and very quiet operation
  • Great security with the steel double skinned panels
  • Available up to almost unlimited sizes
  • Minimal headroom required
  • Can be fitted internally or externally to the building
  • Pedestrian access option for efficiency and energy saving
  • Made to measure as standard
  • Solid colour and woodgrain finish options

We take secure shopping very seriously.