Up and Over Garage Doors

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Up and Over Doors

Up and Over garage doors are still the most popular garage door types used in the UK, especially on new build properties. As a one piece panel construction, these are simple doors, generally lightweight and uncomplicated in their operation mechanism.

Most up and over garage doors we sell are purchased with a factory fitted steel sub frame and this is highly recommended for stability and ease of installation generally and like the main door panel, the frame and panel are offered in fully finished factory colour options.

Choose from either canopy or fully retractable operating gear on all single size doors, depending on your preference and site restrictions.

Steel and Timber

Most up and over garage doors sold are galvanised steel but we also offer timber panel models too, seated into a box section steel chassis for stability and security.

  • Simple Operation
  • Standard and Purpose made sizes
  • Fully finished colours and wood effect finishes
  • Single or Double width garage sizes
  • Window options on certain models
  • Traditional or contemporary designs
  • High Security options
  • Manual or Electric operation

Electric Up and Over Garage Doors

The Samson range of steel and timber doors covers standard and purpose made sizes and offers the very best online prices for one of the easiest types of garage door to install on your home. We also offer pre configured electric up and over packages where everything is packaged up for you and all you do is choose your size and colours.

Use our Shop Filter to narrow down your search and find the right colour, design and size. We have over 180 up and over doors to choose from in our online shop and all of them have options for a pre fitted steel sub frame and all come factory assembled with the mechanism, locking and other parts ready to go.

We take secure shopping very seriously.