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Which is The Best Industrial Roller Shutter Door?

Samson Doors supply and wide range of roller doors for the industrial sector where the environment is usually harsh with high daily usage and ver...

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Which is the Best Roller Shutter Door to Buy?

It is strange that the simplest type of door mechanism to understand is the most difficult to specify the right model and specification for. A...

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What is a Roller Shutter Door?

A roller shutter door is a door constructed from many individual steel or aluminium horizontal slats and operated by rolling the slats around a b...

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What Benefits do Insulated Roller Shutter Doors Provide?

You may think an obvious answer, but insulated roller shutter doors offer far more than just insulation. An insulated roller door will obvious...

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How Do Electric Roller Garage Doors Lock When Closed?

A good quality, reputable manufacturer, who has developed and tested their roller door security over many years, will adopt various forms of holding t...

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Do Roller Shutter Doors Keep the Cold out?

Absolutely they can and an insulated roller door is built specifically to keep the cold out and warm air in to stabilise atmospheres inside larger com...

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What Features Make an Industrial Door?

An industrial door is usually a door specified with higher rated drive mechanisms and a 3 phase electric motor... The main types of doors used...

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When are Safety Devices Required on Electric Shutters?

Common sense should be applied when specifying and using electric operated shutters, but as we all know the one thing about common sense is that ...

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