Which is the best roller shutter door to buy

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Which is the Best Roller Shutter Door to Buy?

It is strange that the simplest type of door mechanism to understand is the most difficult to specify the right model and specification for.

A roller shutter door of any size, material and operation method will always do the same thing, roll up and down using a curtain and a barrel for the curtain to roll around with guides at either side for the curtain to slide in. Why are there so many models?
You do have a large crossover between domestic, commercial and industrial usage too. So many garages are becoming larger to a point where it is a sensible option to look at the commercial roller doors rather than taking a domestic door to its very limits on size. There are some very clever mechanical advances in some of the higher end manufacturers of roller doors giving the user more control and far better safety and longevity in the product. Unfortunately there are still far too many unscrupulous manufacturers of roller doors producing a product purely to compete on price, but with little or no regard to the safety aspects, integrity or longevity through using higher quality internal components.

When you first go out to begin researching for a roller door, unlike some other door types, the roller door has its potential usage spanning across most applications. It can be a garage door, an industrial door, a security shutter, a barrier for heat and light, a door for pretty much any type of building going, so no wonder there are so many various specifications, materials and size parameters to consider when choosing one.

If you want to get a recommendation and a price for a couple of options from Samson for a roller shutter type door then it is worth spending some time and answering these few questions below at least:

1. What size is it? Measure the aperture concerned, width first and height second preferably
2. Is it to be fitted on the inside, in-between or the outside of the opening?
3. What is it going to be used for? Security, insulation, closing off the area, etc...
4. How many times a day will it be opened and closed? This is to determine the best electric motor specification.
5. Do you have three phase power available?
6. Is there a specific colour you need or could you be flexible with some standard choices?
7. How did you imagine it to be operated and controlled?
8. How many people are likely to want to operate the door?
9. Are you on a budget or could you be persuaded by better, newer technology in the door?

Answer these questions and we may stand a chance of coming up with at least one or two options for you as there is not really a straight answer until the usage has been determined, along with other site factors.

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