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up and over garage doorUp & Over Garage Doors

Up & Over garage doors are still just about one of the most popular garage door types found within the UK. Their flexibility in panel design, high security and easy operation are just some of the benefits. A one piece up and over garage door is usually constructed from one single panel and the panel has the ability to be almost any design in a wide range of materials. The door panel is lifted up and then tilts to lay flat above your head hence the name 'up and over'.
For many standard designs in white they are still also the most cost effective type of garage door for single garage door openings.

Up & Over garage doors are available with two different operating mechanisms in single sizes - Canopy & Retractable.
For double width up and over doors you can only have the retractable type mechanism due to the weight of the panel. Double width doors are defined as any width from nine feet (2743mm) wide.

up and over door with canopy gear
Canopy Operating Gear

A canopy gear up and over garage door is the most cost-effective and cost-efficient garage door on the market. It is simple in design and easy to use which makes it one of the more popular garage doors sold by Samson Doors.

It's name derives from the position it takes when open. A third of the garage door protrudes outside of the opening when open creating a canopy cover. A canopy up and over garage door is attached to the frame through two rolling wheels in each side and a folding arm attached to each side of the door - as the door is opened, the wheels stay within the roller tracks as they move higher with the door.

A canopy gear up and over garage door is not usually recommended when requesting electric operation due to the way the door opens. If you wish to add electric remote control operation to an up and over garage door, a bow arm converter is required which allows for a somewhat smooth opening cycle.


up and over retractable gear
Retractable Operating Gear

A retractable mechanism on an up and over garage door is seen as the most practical up and over garage door. Costing slightly more than the canopy gear, a retractable gear provides additional lifting power meaning it can cope with up and over door sizes anywhere up to five metres in width and around 2.6m in height. All double size up and over garage doors and single doors over 8 feet wide are supplied with retractable gear as well as many heavier timber door panels.

The retractable operating gear gets its name from the way the garage door retracts into the garage. It is attached to the garage through spring-loaded side arms rising from the floor of the fixed sub frame and assisted into its open position by the tension of the springs either side. Roller wheels in the horizontal track wells allow for a smooth and reliable opening all the way into the opening.
A retractable operating door is perfectly suited to electric motor drive without the need for any addtitional acccessories. The door panel is simply pulled up and pushed down by a centrally positioned 'boom' type electric operator

A retractable gear up and over garage door is recommended for electric operation due to their smooth opening qualities and full retraction into the garage. Th electric operator only has to perform a simple pull or push to move the door panel up or down and the safety mechanisms built in will perform at their most sensitive too.


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electric operator with retractable up and over garage doorElectric Operation

As commented on above, we recommend a retractable gear system for electric operation. Electric operation allows you to open and close your garage door with the simple push of a button on a handset or keypad - great for those rainy windy days after a hard day at work or in the winter months and when it is dark and cold. Our electric operators are installed with a built-in light which lights up your garage as your electric operator is in use.

A range of remote control handsets so that your garage door remote control doesnt have to be boring, but can even become a fashion accessory! The newest electric operators have 'Bi Secur' technology to alow the operator to talk to the motor unit and let you know at the push of a button whether your garage door is open or not.  Clever stuff.

We offer electric operation packages with some of our garage doors to ensure you get the best deal possible for your money.

Matching Entrance Doors

Some of our more common up and over garage doors (such as the Marquess - pictured right) are available with matching side doors to give your home that fully furnished, finished appearance that stands out amongst the rest.

For more information on front entrance doors, click here.


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Chevron or herringbone design steel door

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Most Popular Timber Up & Over Garage Doors

Hormann 2009 vertical cedar timber
The Hormann Jacobean timber up and over
Tudor style timber door

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traditional timber garage door with windows
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