Steel roller shutter doors

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The most popular type of roller shutter door for industrial and commercial applications, steel is strong and durable to enable very large sizes to be achieved and it is also competitive as a material against other options. Steel as a material can be manipulated in shape and size to suit so many uses in buildings.

Standard steel roller door curtains are usually 75mm scrolled lath with a galvanised finish and this is the most common type of slat used in all industrial roller doors in the UK. The slats are formed from either 22 gauge steel in terms of the thickness (0.7mm), or a heavier 20 gauge (0.9mm) if required, and on some models 18 gauge (1.2mm) is used. The standard galvanised finish is often used and perfectly adequate for many customers, but if the door is in view then either a colour powder coated finish or a plastisol colour finish is used, and there are many standard colours available.

Steel Roller Doors are perfect for:

  • Small, medium or large openings, relevant to slat strength
  • Multiple daily operations
  • Insurance approved specifications with certified LPS1175 ratings
  • Higher specification finishes for domestic or commercial applications
  • Manual or electric operation
  • Almost any size opening
Steel Shutter Curtains

Steel shutter curtains can incorporate perforated or punched slat sections to provide ventilation or vision and we even offer full door curtains with the highest levels of vision and ventilation, for use in underground car parks, shop fronts, and the like.

Double Skinned Steel Doors

Some of the largest roller shutter doors we offer are manufactured from steel, however the larger doors are often double skinned steel curtains. The double skinned steel curtains will have a foam filling to add to the strength and stability overall, but this also provides insulation too. We find a lot of customers want the strength and security and the insulation is actually not relevant but simply part of the overall result from the construction method.

A double skinned, foam filled door curtain will be quieter, especially when closed and in high winds, but also able to take more forces from a more powerful motor and therefore we can offer higher speed roller doors in our double skinned range. Take a look at the SeceuroDoor 95 Fast as one great example.

We take secure shopping very seriously.