Manual Roller Doors

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Doors Many customers still require a manually operated roller shutter door, either because they have no electric on site, or simply because the door is operated very infrequently. Samson Doors can offer various manual roller shutter doors in either steel or aluminium curtain build. These doors also have different mechanics for operation depending on size and model.

  • Spring balance push up and pull down operation with key lock
  • ‘Hand chain operated’ with and without additional gearing - locking by chain or bullet locks in curtain

Spring Balanced - Push and Pull Operation

A manually operated roller door will either lock by means of a pair of steel rods being used, usually in the centre of the door or bottom slat. The rods will be incorporated into a stronger, usually extruded aluminium slat with a central located lock and key mechanism. You can add extra bullet locks into the side channels to increase security by adding more points for the curtain to be secured when closed. This push and pull up type of roller shutter door is not ideal for larger commercial applications and is mainly used for additional security over other doors or windows, but can be perfect for internal use and many various applications.

Hand Chain Operation

In a roller door which is hand chain operated the user will pull on the chain and lower or raise the door depending on the direction the chain is pulled. When closed the simplest and standard locking is for the chain to locate in a steel cleat and a padlock engaged to hold the chain. Additional security once again can come from bullet locks either side to actually hold the curtain firm in place by the guides either side. Other locks can be also added if required. For example a hasp and staple lock mechanism can be welded to the bottom steel rail and secured when closed with a padlock.

We offer manual roller doors in traditional steel curtains with individual slats, single continuous steel curtain and also aluminium curtain with individual slats which can be insulated double skinned, or extruded double skinned for extra strength and security. A manual operated roller door is ideal for low use applications and in smaller sizes offer a high degree of security if specified correctly.

We also offer manual operated security grilles for multiple purposes

We take secure shopping very seriously.