High Speed Roller Doors

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High speed roller doors of various kinds are becoming very popular now, mainly driven by energy conservation concerns and the costs involved in heating and cooling buildings alongside an ever changing climate. Traditional methods for controlling internal climates in buildings were using 2 door, the original basic roller shutter and then a secondary fabric high speed door, which was used during operational hours, opening and closing in seconds to allow forklifts in and out. However so many companies we speak to who are not really requiring this type of set up are actually just after a faster door then they have because they have a very basic, low specification roller shutter which might take up to a minute to open and then the same to close.

‘Higher Speed Doors’ is perhaps a better description for what many customers want and also need. A roller door with a higher performance motor, but using a double skinned, insulated and very strong slat in the curtain build. We offer various doors which can offer this and the reality on a 5m high door is an average opening time of 50 seconds, versus a higher performance roller shutter door, opening is around 15 seconds. The same for closing. Imagine this several times a day in the winter months.

Samson Doors also offer various hybrid, very high performance high speed doors, often called ‘spiral’ doors. These doors are like a combination of a high performance sectional door panel with a rolling door action. Very high levels of insulation indeed but also capable of operating at fabric door speeds. This is the ultimate high performance door for any building really wanting to control the internal climate all year round, but also have the best insulation and security too.

High Speed Fabric Curtain Doors

A high speed fabric door, or also called a ‘fast action roller door’ is a traditional type of door used to provide easy, rapid access to and from a building. Any building which requires higher levels of temperature and climate control needs an external door to open and close as fast as it can to reduce heat loss or cold/heat ingress. They are also used to control climates inside refrigerated rooms or sensitive environments where dust and particles need to be kept to a minimum. Very high levels of vision are possible with some models for safety and convenience during operating hours.

Energy conservation is a big issue with costs rising all the time as well as keeping a building climate stable for the staff inside. A high speed fabric door is never usually the only door if it is used on the external fabric of the building and a separate door is usually required for security when the building is not in use.

Fabric high speed roller doors are usually using a curtain of special PVC and are not usually insulated, although there are some models we offer which are insulated. .

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