High Speed Roller Doors

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High speed rolling doors are becoming ore and more popular as energy costs go higher but also becuase of efficiencies in daily operation is required. A normal roller door can take over 60 seconds to open if it is not built correctly in the first place. Many customers just want a faster door and we do offer higher speed roller shutter doors which simply have an enhanced electric motor system, but still operate as a steel roller shutter door, opening and closing in around 1/5th of the time of a standard roller door High Speed or 'Fast Action' Roller Doors are used for many applications where high traffic volumes require a door to keep a building environment and temperature as constant as possible. The high speed door can travel up at up to 2 metres per second and close as quickly for maximum efficiency. Warmth is kept in during the winter and warmth may be kept out in the summer depending on the buildings function. Some door models are specifically designed to keep cold in for refrigerated rooms, warehouses, etc.. High speed (or 'fast action') doors are usually manufactured from very strong material with the option of clear vision panels built in so you can see what may be happening on the other side of the closed door. Samson also offer a range of high speed aluminium roller doors and insulated 'spiral' doors, an adaptation on a sectional door, but operating at high speed.

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