Hormann hs 7030 pu aluminium high speed roller doors

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HS 7030 PU

High Speed Roller Doors

Insulated High Speed Door - Spiral-lift

Material: Aluminium 
Gear Type: Roller Shutter 
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The Hormann HS 7030 PU is a high speed smooth-faced aluminium spiral door also available in sectional overhead form. It includes non-contact roll-up technology which saves wear on the shutter curtain and preserves the visual aesthetics of the door.

Where a high speed door is required for any building the HS 7030 provides you with 2 or even 3 doors in one getting over the traditional method of a basic external roller shutter door in front of a fabric high speed or 'fast action' roller door, neither of which offer any insulation at all. By the very nature of looking to have a high speed door an importance has been placed on the control of the atmosphere inside the building so a door which offers high speed operation, insulation, and security all in one is surely the only answer!

The Hormann HS 7030 PU has many innovative features:

  • High Speed in a unique non contact technology design - Low maintenance
  • Thermally insulated on all sides with excellent U values - Control the temperature
  • Stability with a long service life - Excellent security
  • Easily repairable profile slats - Easy to maintain and repair

The video below shows the high speed and unique action of this fantastic door

When operated, the sections are rolled up into a spiral bracket to ensure an exceptionally fast opening speed whilst maintaining a precise door travel. With the combination of a powerful frequency converter control (FU), door speeds of up to 3 m/sec are achievable.

The door is easy to open manually by hand with help from the spring compensation support. Electric emergency UPS operation is also available as a surcharge for quick & easy operation in a power failure.

The double-skinned anodised profiles are constructed with thermal breaks. A powder-coat finish is available on request to allow you to design your door with brand colours in mind.

Due to the complex pricing structure of this product, we cannot offer an accurate cost online. Every door is made to measure with a wide choice of options and access control methods

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The Hormann HS 7030 PU is a masterpiece of engineering combining the benefits of high speed roller door action with the security and insulation of a highly insulated door panel with either 42, 67 or 100mm thick double skinned steel panels (HS5015 or HS 6015). Available as a sprial rolller door or a sectional type door with horizontal, high lift or vertical operation this door will fit into almost any building and provide the hgihest possible levels of performance.

Thermally efficient, acoustic insulation, security through design and high speed opening and closing all make this a perfect all round door for any building. Available in a stucco or micrograin surface finish this door also looks good, especially in one of the many powdercoat colours available. The panel sections are deep and this means you can also have proper sized glazed sections.

Insulation levels up to 0.57 W/(M2K)
Sizes up to 6500mm wide and 6500mm high



Track application
Spiral track application

Track application N


Track application H


Track application V


Chain mechanism and springs    
Belt mechanism and counter weights    
42 mm steel sandwich section, PU-foamed, with thermal break
Door type HS 7030 PU 42 HS 5015 PU N 42 HS 5015 PU H 42 HS 6015 PU V 42
Max. width (mm) 6500 5000 5000 6500
Max. height (mm) 6500 6500 6500 6500
Min. required headroom (mm) 920 480 750 LDH + 585
67 mm steel sandwich section, PU-foamed, with thermal break
Door type     HS 5015 PU H 67
HS 6015 PU V 67
Max. width (mm)     5000 6500
Max. height (mm)     6500 6500
Min. required headroom (mm)     950 LDH + 735
100 mm steel sandwich section, PU-foamed, with thermal break
Door type     Iso Speed Cold H 100 Iso Speed Cold V 100
Temperature range (deviating temperatures on request)



Fitting side to 0°C

Opposite side -28°C

Fitting side -28°C

Opposite side -28°C

Max. width (mm)     5000 5000
Max. height (mm)     5000 5000
Min. required headroom (mm)     750 LDH + 585
42 mm aluminium hollow profile, filled with 5 mm UPVC and 30 mm PU foam
Door type     HS 5015 Accoustic H  
Max. width (mm)     5000  
Max. height (mm)     5000  
Min. required headroom (mm)     1000  


● = Standard ◌ = Optional LDH = clear passage height

The Hormann spiral door requires expert installation by trained installers.

Samson Doors can offer this service to most parts of the UK with advice on steel structures required and other information including CAD drawings for new build.