Sws seceurodoor 75 continental tube motor drive 22g steel steel roller shutter doors

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SeceuroDoor 75 Continental - Single Phase - Tube Motor Drive 22g
Steel Roller Shutter Doors
Max width 6m Max Height 3.4m
Material: Steel 
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Web Price: £633.00
(Excluding VAT and £759.60 Inc. VAT)
Web Price: £633.00
(Excluding VAT and £759.60 Inc. VAT)
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Low to medium use high quality, ‘Continental build’ and commercial specification roller shutter door, using a single phase 240V electric tube motor for simple operation.
This roller door could be used as a large security roller shutter in a commercial or industrial environment because of the nature of the guide and endplate layout with external fitting as an option too.
Continental build is our reference to a roller door where the endplates and the side guides are connected together and the outer edge of the aluminium guides and endplates are completely flush top to bottom. This is an ideal build of roller door for in between installation.
Electric tube motor roller doors are usually for low usage openings with minimal daily use as they do not have high ratings for multiple operations. Neatly integrated motor built inside the barrel for the roller curtain, so completely hidden apart from limit settings and cabling for power and controls.
Typically this door would be suitable for 10 - 20 operations a day or less. 240 V electric tube motors cannot be used on very high openings as they don’t have the required pulling force. Specification includes an internal manual override facility as standard, with a winding handle and the exit for attachment of the winding handle underneath the roller curtain, integrated with the motor on the same side as chosen.
The standard build uses a 20 guage galvanised steel single skin curtain available in various colour finish options. 22 guage option is available in our shop.
This is our original and simplest build commercial shutter
- Available in electric or manual operation
- Available in 18g (POA), 20g and 22g
- Strong single skin galvanised steel profile
- Can be powder coated any RAL / BS colour
- Plastisol colours available
- Manual Spring & Lock – When there is no power available for electric operation or the shutter will not be opened very often. The solution is not available for shutters over 2.8 m tall.
Typical use would be on a farm building or factory warehouse where there were around 10 - 20 operations per day, or less. If you require higher usage please email or call us directly for the options available.
The roller shutter includes an internal manual override facility as standard, with a chain pulley override integrated with the motor and on the same side as chosen.
The standard build on this model uses a 22 guage galvanised steel single skin curtain available in various colour finish options.
The 20 gauge curtain model will give you slightly larger sizes if required.
This roller shutter door uses a 22 guage steel curtain and uses UPH250 guide channelsl either side for the guides and these are 90mm wide as standard and 34mm deep. These are extruded aluminium guides and ideal for face or in between fitting with no extra adjustments or profiles required
The electric door tube motor can be controlled by 2 main methods:
1. The most basic and standard method is an internal wall mounted push button station with a hold to run logic. You stand and hold the button firm for the duration of the opening or closing cycle and this way no safety edge or beam systems are legally required, keeping the costs to a minimum and minimal electrical components.
Of course you must be able to enter the building via another door for this method.
2. The second option is a wall mounted control panel with the addition of remote control handsets and we supply 2 handsets as standard, but you can have as many as you need. The safety system is a safety edge detection built in with the bottom T rail section to stop if an obstacle is met during operation. If the door is adjacent to any public pathway or road we suggest additional safety with infra red beams to further enhance the safety.
This roller door is available with the curtain prefinished in either a powdercoat finish which would be the same colour each side of the slat, or it is available in a plastisol coated external finish, which has a standard off white internal paint finish.
As totally standard and used by many people, depending on the roller door location, you can have the steel curtain in its natural galvanised steel finish.
We can offer the door in special colours other than the ones showing in our online shop options and of course you can mix and match the guides, hood cover and curtain if required, please email or call for details and prices.

 Ordering Sizes for this continental build roller shutter door are the OVERALL curtain and guide width and the OVERALL height including the endplates and hood cover. In other words it is the overall width and height including everything and the measurements will be exactly to the millimetre without any tolerance. If you are installing this roller shutter inbetween a structural opening then please deduct your own tolerances all round.

For internal face fitting the ordering size is effectively the aperture size PLUS the guides either side and the endplate dimension at the top, but there is always a small hang down on the bottom slat of the curtain when fully open which affects the final drive through height. If you want a completely clear aperture when the door is fully open then allow for this hangdown in your dimensions. Our drawings to confirm your order will show this hangdown measurement.
The guide width for this door is a fixed dimension at any size and the overall width is consistent from the very top to the floor because of the Continental build.
The endplates and hood cover size will vary slightly depending on the height of the door so please be aware to check the drive through height and end plate size.
Samson Doors will always provide a final detailed drawing for you to check and sign off with us before manufacturing commences.
An emergency manual override is included as standard with the access underneath the endplate on the motor side as facing looking at the endplate side of the shutter. Other positions are available on request.

SeceuroDoor Measuring Diagram