What features make an industrial door

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What Features Make an Industrial Door?

An industrial door is usually a door specified with higher rated drive mechanisms and a 3 phase electric motor...

The main types of doors used in the harsher world of the industrial sector are: Roller Shutter, Sectional Overhead, Sliding, Folding and High Speed Doors. There are some other specialised door mechanisms but this will cover 90% or more of the doors used in the UK. The industrial door has to specifically be fit for purpose and therefore it is imperative to understand what is required from the door and the environment surrounding it.

Number of daily operations?
Exposure to harsh internal environment? i.e moisture, dust, etc..
Exposed locations and therefore high wind exposure.
Thermal insulation required?
Higher speed opening required?
Potential exposure to general public?
Number of operatives for the door?
Vision sections to enable a view to the outside?

And so on....

It is imperative to identify accurately what is expected from the door and with larger doors the safety devices used in operation for that door.
3 phase electric motors will enable higher numbers of operation in a day and an inverter will further increase that potential.
The panel strength is critical in many applications not only for resistance to wind but also for a smoother operation without excessive deflection which may occur in very wide panel sections.

A control on how the door may be operated by staff in places such as warehouses, factories, logistics buildings and so on is essential to ensure risk management, although the door should have a minimum amount of safety devices already specified in the 21st century with current legislation very stringent in the UK.

Samson Doors provide a complete range of doors for industrial and also commercial use and our door ranges offer clever solutions and options to age old issues making the door easier to operate, safer and less maintenance required in the longer term.
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