Which is the best industrial roller shutter door

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Which is The Best Industrial Roller Shutter Door?

Samson Doors supply and wide range of roller doors for the industrial sector where the environment is usually harsh with high daily usage and very large sizes. Industrial warehouses and factories can often also be exposed on large site so the wind speed becomes a key factor in the specification for the roller doors used.

Industrial roller doors tend to be split onto two categories initially: High usage and Low usage, and this will define the need for a single or three phase electric motor drive system. A single phase motor will not be used if the roller door is to open and close many times every day, especially if the door is very high as this means the motor is operating far longer periods during opening and closing. Samson do offer manually operated roller doors, but they are rare in use these days with good quality electric motor prices being so competitive.

Once the usage for the door is defined it is useful to think about whether the door needs to be an insulated double skinned curtain or a single skin steel curtain without insulation properties. Double skinned insulated roller doors of course also offer greater overall strength in the door curtain will have a higher wind rating when installed with suitable side guides.
The width and height of the door required will often define the model and type of curtain to be used as each have their limits and then the colour may also affect what is a stock slat or requires painting and therefore affects the overall price.
With massive leaps in technology and materials it is also now possible to have far higher speeds of opening and closing without going to what used to be called a high speed door.

Samson Doors offer two main ranges of industrial roller door:
We have the SeceuroDoor range, which covers about 80% of all requirements in a range of high quality steel and aluminium roller shutters, all built for different purposes. We are specialist installers for the Hormann range of roller shutters and roller grilles offering specialist functionality and the assurance of German engineering and technology. Both these ranges are tough, fully compliant with the latest regulations in the industry and offer a solution for 99% of any requirement.

The main questions when deciding on the right roller shutter door model:

Size? An obvious one, but very often missed off for the information provided to us.
The number of daily operations?
Check on the motor suitability for the intended daily use.
Insulation? Does the building need to be insulated with the door as well?
Security Level?? what level of security do you need? We can offer the 'Secured by Design' rating on some models if required
Speed of Operation? We can now offer variable speed limits in roller door motors so if a higher speed is required for opening and closing this is not a problem.
Method of Operation? Manual, electric, key switch, push button, remote control, and so on.....
Colour? Knowing the colour required up front helps a lot to decide on the best options
Vision Slats? Will you need some light or vision through the shutter door, this is very popular nowadays in both industrial and commercial applications?
Ventilation? Ditto, does the door need ventilation such as in an underground car park?
High Wind Rating? In exposed locations you will need to be sure the roller shutter can take a battering during a storm or high winds in the winter.

This is not a complete list of questions as there are some very specialised applications for roller shutters but for us to decide and recommend the best model it is worth giving some thought to these questions and making sure you get the right response and recommendation. Unfortunately we see far too many doors incorrectly specified and installed and sold on the price alone with no regard to suitability and safety in application.

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