How do electric roller garage doors lock when closed

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How Do Electric Roller Garage Doors Lock When Closed?

A good quality, reputable manufacturer, who has developed and tested their roller door security over many years, will adopt various forms of holding the door curtain down when closed. 
You won't ever see an actual lock used on an electric roller shutter door because this isn't practical, so the better models use mechanisms to hold the curtain down firmly in place, usually in the form of very strong knuckle jointed attachments to the top of the curtain which attach the curtain to the rotating barrel. Some roller doors go even further with methods to further hold the curtain in place to prevent forced lifting attempts. Along with stronger side guides and models like the Seceuroglide using a strong webbing either side of the door curtain, these all combine to make it very difficult to break into the roller door, even with some decent tools.
Unfortunately, so many budget price roller garage doors don’t have any real form of locking at all when fully closed. The roller curtain simply hangs in the guides from the barrel above it and if it hangs by flimsy straps or another connection method then the curtain isn’t locked and can be lifted very easily. 
A manual, spring assisted roller garage door will use a locking mechanism and have 2 locking rods which are guided into the side channels when utilised. This is an actual key and lock method, but isn't used on electric roller doors as standard
If you were very concerned about locking methods, you could have additional bullet locks added to an electric roller door within the guides, but it would require you to manage the electric motor and ensure it was powered off when locked manually. Maybe if you are often away for long periods of time from your home this would be a desirable additional feature?