When are safety devices required on electric shutters

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When are Safety Devices Required on Electric Shutters?

Common sense should be applied when specifying and using electric operated shutters, but as we all know the one thing about common sense is that it is not common, so there is legislation to cover this in the UK. 

To comply with the current health and safety legislation the designated user of any electric operated electric operated roller shutter must monitor the progress of the shutter throughout the entire operation, and if this is not possible a safety device has to be fitted to stop the shutter if an obstruction is met. Alternatively, an audible and visual warning must precede the operation of the shutter(s) on every elevation of a building where the shutters are installed, although this is not usual in the UK.

Many people ask for remote control on electric roller shutters and this is fine as long as there is a bottom edge safety sensor installed, especially over a doorway and not so likely to be an issue over a window, especially at higher levels from the ground, again a bit of common sense, if it can be operated without anyone seeing it is it likely to cause injury?

Due to the risks also involved in unattended open roller grille type shutters (unglazed, punched security shutters with large holes for vision) it is not recommended to ever use remote control systems, even when fitted with a safety photo cell or bottom edge detection system. The reason for this is because it is always possible for someone to place their fingers into the open grille sections at any time and getting caught in an electric shutter by your fingers as it begins to rise upwards does not bear thinking about.
Under these circumstances a hold to run switch system should be used within full sight of the grille shutter to enable the operator to monitor the entire operation, up or down.

Safety has to be a major consideration with any roller shutter electrically operated, and of course the larger the shutter the greater the danger as greater forces are used to operate the weight of the curtain. Open grille shutters are just more dangerous because they can be climbed up and have multiple trap points. it is recommended in public places that the glazing inserts are used if high vision security shutters are required.

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