What benefits do insulated roller shutter doors provide

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What Benefits do Insulated Roller Shutter Doors Provide?

You may think an obvious answer, but insulated roller shutter doors offer far more than just insulation.

An insulated roller door will obviously provide insulation against the cold outside in the winter and keep the heat out when required in the summer. The thermal insulation will be different for various models depending on the curtain slats used and the additional weather sealing provided by the bottom, side and top weather seal. Some of the best insulation values are achieved by roller doors like the Hormann HS 7030PU high speed insulated door, which has quite large and deep double skinned steel panels operating in a contact free operation and providing excellent insulation values.

So What Else?

An insulated roller door by the very nature of its construction will have greater lateral strength than a single skin basic roller door and therefore will usually offer higher wind ratings, not only because of the stronger slats, but also because of the all round tighter fit in the guides. An insulated roller door will sit down when closed with far less movement than a single skinned door and therefore has less rattle and noise in windy conditions as well as a greater resistance to the wind.

Security also becomes better with an insulated roller door, again by the fact the curtain is stronger and heavier generally. The curtain will sit tighter and have more resistance to a forced attack or any form of cutting as there are 2 layers and more folded sections to cut through.

Acoustic insulation is also a factor with any double skinned roller door as the foam core will reduce noise transmission far more than a single steel lath ever can. The attention to weather sealing all round the sides, top and bottom will also reduce noise ingress as well as dust, leaves and vermin.

All in all an 'insulated' roller door has greater benefits than just the thermal insulation properties but many times customers cannot see this until it is explained:

  • Thermal Insulation

  • Acoustic Insulation

  • Greater Security

  • Higher Wind Rating

  • No Rattle in Windy Conditions

  • Greater Protection from Vermin

  • More Protection from Dust and Leaves

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