Samson apollo steel folding doors

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Apollo Steel Folding Door
Folding Doors
Max Width 30m Max Height 8m
Material: Steel 
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* Top hung folding steel double skinned door with floor tracking
* Ideal for larger opening widths up to 30m wide
* Made to measure sizes as standard
* Best priced double skinned steel folding door for multi purpose
* Delivery 4-6 weeks from order and drawing confirmation
* Window options in one or all door panels
* Pedestrian wicket door options
* Single or bi parting arrangement of panels

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The Samson Apollo industrial folding door system uses, as standard, 52mm double skinned steel insulated door panels, which can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations to suit the site requirements and any restrictions. This steel panel specification offers a maximum size of 30 metres wide and 6 metres high in a 12+12 bi folding panel arrangement.

We can produce larger sizes and the panel depths then increase to 62mm or even 82 mm, depending on the final specification.

Apollo folding doors are always fitted to the inside face of any aperture and have no aluminium sub frame like the Adone system.
Tracking Arrangements
The Apollo uses a top and bottom tracking system and the top track is supporting the door panels so needs to be fixed to a suitable structurally capable lintel or beam. The bottom tracking systems are variable with in ground sunken tracks and surface mounted options.
The top tracking can be face fitted or ceiling mounted with a fascia to cloak the tracking and form a weather protection. 
Samson Apollo folding and sliding door
The door panel can be specified to open inwards or outwards and the Apollo system is mainly used for external doors on any building.
Pedestrian Door OptionPedestrian door option in commercial folding steel door
A great benefit of a folding door system is the ability to potentially operate just one leaf and use it as a pedestrian access door whilst the rest of the door remains closed and secure. This is not only very convenient, but also saves energy by preserving the internal climate and keeps prying eyes from seeing inside the building too.
You can have smaller pedestrian doors built into the main door panels and these can then be positioned almost anywhere along the door width to suit requirements on site.
The versatility of using a pedestrian door along with the variable opening options for the multiple door leaves in a door is so useful to many customers and their building access.
Panic hardware can be specified for the pedestrian door, for the obvious purpose of creating a perfect fire exit option for the building as part of your fire exit strategy.
Manual or Electric
Larger folding doors will benefit from being electric motor operated but the doors do move smoothly as manual doors so many doors do remain as manual operation and often because a folding door is used for an opening which isn’t required to be fully opened very often.

industrial folding door internal layout with wicket door

For electric operated folding doors there are several motor drive options, not only for single and three phase power and their relevant power and ratings, but also for the actual motor arrangements internally, arranged to suit any internal obstacles.
Access controls can be chosen to suit the customers requirements from a simple wall mounted push button system with a hold to run logic through to more complex systems which are semi or fully automated with safety control systems included.
Windows and Infills
Any of the door leaves can have various high quality double glazed window inserts to provide light and vision. These can be almost anywhere and in one or all the panels to suit.
Vented grilles are also often required along with fixed infill sections when the whole opening isn’t required as a door but it suits to match everything with the insulated panels.
We also offer fully glazed folding doors with minimal framing for maximum light and vision.
Colours and Finishes
The Apollo is available in several high quality powdercoat finishes as standard and can be also specified in special colours on request at minimal additional cost.
The standard finish is a smooth external surface for the Apollo. Stucco is available as an option.
Any medium to large external openings for commercial or industrial buildings. Perfect for low usage openings with high levels of pedestrian traffic.
Perfect for when headroom is limited and also very wide openings.
Insulated door panels and easy manual operation make this perfect for all users within any building.

The Apollo is ideal for larger width openings and when there is regualr traffic in and out. The robust top tracking and bottom guide system gives great stability and the greatest feature for al these folding double skinned steel doors is the pedestrian access door to allow easier and efficient access in and out on foot.


Vertical wing steel panels, 52mm thickness, consisting of two levelled and opposed steel sheets, galvanized with Sendzmir system, pre-lacquered and with Smooth finishing.

Laterally dovetail-outlined to contain the gaskets. Internal tubular supporting frame, in galvanized steel, created to stiffen the panel and safely fix the hinges and filling’s frames.
Can be partial glazed, completely glazed, made with aluminium profiles, high thickness.
The upper and lower end of the panels are closed by Sallox black tarnish aluminium profiles, upper and ground sealing with brushes fixed on the profiles.
The lateral ends of door panels are provided with tubular rubber EPDM double lip gaskets that ensure 50 mm. space for safety between wing and wing and between wing and jamb.
Standard Door SpecificationHanging door with floor track
- Ground track for sinking into the floor.
- Trolleys with 4 nylon coated wheels with dustproof ball bearings.
- Black lacquered die-cast aluminium hinges with bearings and pins of 20 mm
- Black lacquered steel lever bolts with black lacquered galvanized steel closing rods. Galvanized steel floor strikers for lever bolt.
- Black Nylon handle on the ledge wing.
- Panel standard colour: External side White-Grey, Internal side White-Grey. 
- Aluminium label with door identifying data, CE marked and main instructions. 
- Assembly instructions, maintenance handbook including law certificates
Standard Electric Motor Specifications
- Ventilated gear motor, single-phased or three-phased, CE marked, with thermal protection, permanent grease lubrication. Available with magnetic limit micro switch, pull box for - electrical connections, drive motor release with lock for manual manoeuvres by unblocking lever, located in a place accessible to operators. Driving gear with chain and pinion, motor power 370 W (Single-Phased) and 370 W (Three-Phased). 
- Opening and closing speed about 8 m/min. Motor unit position on the track.
- Single-phased or three-phased switchboard with open-close-stop pushbutton, CE marked, emergency button, protection degree IP 54, 230V or 380V power supply, torque-limiting device, time limit switches. 
- Drive to low-tension 24 V protected by 1,6 A and 2 A fuses, to be used also for power supply of all safety accessories. Possible functions: automatic, semi-automatic or "dead man" control; timer for automatic closing; stop and reversing system in case the photocells are working, safety rib or other devices. 
- Door-closing safety device, padlock not included.
Motorisation with chain
Chain motorisation
Other Safety Devices:
- Yellow beacon flashing light.
- Pair of ultraflat high-sensitive infra red photocells.
- Outdoor key selector Open-Close-Stop.
- Microswitch.



We can supply only or offer a full survey and installation service for any of our folding doors.

Installation for the Apollo is relatively easy compared to many other industrial door types and we offer installation instructions.
Full drawings will be supplied for your review and approval before manufacturing begins.

Measuring for an Apollo folding door is relatively simple as the doors can only fit behind an aperture with the top track face or ceiling mounted. The dimensions for the aperture along with side room and headroom are the main concern along with a level floor. 

We can offer a surveying service and any costs for this would be reimbursed on placing the order for the door.
If you would like to fill out or simple measuring form to then discuss options please download here, then scan and email to our direct email - with your requirements.
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