Hormann hormann alr f42 vitraplan aluminium sectional doors industrial

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ALR F42 Vitraplan

Sectional Doors - Industrial

Glass Sectional Door

Material: Aluminium 
Gear Type: Sectional 
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For demanding building architecture
The ALR F42 Vitraplan door is a highly exclusive version of the ALR F42 door with wide glazing areas. The door is especially elegant thanks to offset, flush-fitting glazing. The frame profile is concealed, so nothing detracts from the clear overall appearance. Continuous glazing adds an eye-catching element to modern industrial structures and prestigious private buildings. Hörmann's proven finger trap protection for industrial sectional doors is also included in ALR F42 Vitraplan doors.

Two colours to choose from
The ALR F42 Vitraplan can be optimally integrated in the facade with glazings in brown and grey, as well as a dark frame profile colour that harmonises with the glass. This exclusive door fascinates with a mix of mirroring and transparency.

Door Size: Max. width 6000mm
Door Size: Max. height 7500mm

Thermal insulation EN 13241-1, Appendix B EN 12428
U-value in W/(m².K) for a door surface 5000 x 5000mm

Standard double pane = 3.2
With ThermoFrame = 3.2

Optional triple pane = 3.1
With ThermoFrame = 3.1

For more information view the Hormann Industrial Sectional Doors Brochure.

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  • Specification
Performance Characteristics According to EN 13241-1
Construction and quality features ALR F42
Resistance to wind load EN 12424 Door without wicket door, class 3 6) 3 6)
Door with wicket door, LZ ≤ 4000, class
Door with wicket door, LZ > 4000, class
Door with wicket door, LZ ≤ 8000, class
Door with wicket door, LZ > 8000, class
Water tightness EN 12425 Door without wicket door, class 3 (70 Pa) 3 (70 Pa)
Air permeability EN 12426 Door without wicket door, class 2 8) 2 8)
Door with wicket door, class
Acoustic insulation EN 717-1 Door without wicket door Rw = . . . dB 23 30 1)
Door with wicket door Rw = . . . dB
Thermal insulation value
EN 13241-1, appendix B EN 12428
Door without wicket door, U = W/(m2·K) 2) 3.2 (3.4 4)) 6.1 (6.1 4))
– Optional triple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2) 3.0 (2.9 4))
– Optional quadruple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Optional climatic double panes (made of single-pane safety glass) U = W/(m2·K) 2) 2.7 (2.6 4))
– Optional double panes (made of single-pane safety glass) U = W/(m2·K) 2) 3.8 (3.8 4))
Door with wicket door, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Optional triple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Optional quadruple glazing, U = W/(m2·K) 2)
– Section, U = W/(m2·K)
Design Self-supporting
Depth, mm 42 67
Door sizes Max. width mm, LZ 6000 5500
Max. height mm, RM 3) 7500 4000
Material, door leaf Steel, double-skinned, 42 mm
Steel, double-skinned, 67 mm
Aluminium, standard profile
Aluminium, profile with thermal break
Surface, door leaf Galvanized steel, coated RAL 9002
Galvanized steel, coated RAL 9006
Galvanized steel, coated RAL to choose
Anodised aluminium E6 / C0 (previously E6 / EV 1)
Aluminium coated in RAL to choose
Wicket door  
Side Door Matching the door
Glazings Type A section window
Type D section window
Type E section windows
Aluminium glazing frame
Seals All-round on 4 sides
Intermediate seal between the door sections
ThermoFrame PVC hard / soft seal
Locking systems Internal latches
Outside / inside locking
Anti-lift kit For doors of up to 5 m with shaft operator
Safety equipment Finger trap protection
Side trap guards
Spring break safeguard for manual operation
Safety catch for doors with shaft operator


● = Standard * With glazing VG, E2 and G2  
○ = Optional ** Top door section  
1) With optional double pane (single-pane safety glass) 4) Optionally with Thermoframe 7) Class 2 = 0.45 kN/ m2 or 96 km/h
2) For a door surface of 5000 × 5000 mm 5) Door width up to 5500 mm 8) Class 2 = 12 m3/m2h
3) Door height above 7000 mm on request (not with
door type ALR F42 Glazing)
6) Class 3 = 0.7 kN/ m2 or 120 km/h 9) Class 1 = 24 m3/m2h