Security Window and Door Shutters

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Security Window and Door Shutters

Do you worry about home security or wonder when you leave your house whether it will still be safely locked up on your return?

How many times have you heard a burglar alarm ringing yet nobody goes to investigate? Sometimes alarms are not enough and a more obvious physical barrier is needed to deter intruders and prevent forced access. 

Security shutters and security window shutters and gates are discreet when not in use, yet provide a visible deterrent to burglars and an effective barrier to crime.

Samson offer many different types depending on the level of security you require, low security as a simple deterrent or higher levels of security for a shutter that has a tested period of time preventing forced entry and will provide sufficient resistance to a property that is isolated and vulnerable.

Security Window and Door Shutter Range

SeceuroShield 38 SeceuroShield 3801 SeceuroShield 77 SeceuroShield 150


prices and specifications for security shutters and grilles

The SWS UK security window shutter range has been developed and perfected over many years to provide a stylish solution for your security needs.
Lightweight and compact, the SeceuroScreen 1500 uses CFC free foam filled aluminium slats, offering insulation and sound deadening. The compact design makes this shutter suitable for installing within the reveal, particularly popular in domestic applications.

Security shutter dimensionsOr alternatively, for use in higher security applications, the SeceuroShield 3800 is manufactured from exceptionally strong extruded aluminium, can be mixed with ‘vision slats’ and powder coated in a large choice of special colours when required.

Manufactured with aluminium head box and guides for higher grade applications and easier installation, the SeceuroShield 7500 is the classic steel security shutter or security window shutter. Perfect for medium security office, commercial and industrial applications the scrolled slat profile is a familiar sight, now updated with a quality powder coated finish.

No matter which security window shutter is best suited to your requirements it can meet many of today’s threats to property and person. Protect your property and contents – don’t leave an open invitation to intruders

There are many more types of shutters available but in order to obtain a price from Samson there are some simple measurements required and a decision as to where the shutters are to be positioned. It is normal to install any security shutter to the outside face of an aperture to protect the door or window and offer the least obstruction to the aperture when the shutter is open.

Measure the door or window aperture width and height and take some notes on the side room and head room available before emailing or calling us as this will give us most of the information required for a price. You can of course go to our online shop and see prices for yourself once you have worked out the best type of shutter for your application.

seceuroshield 1500 with vented slats over a patio doorshutters over patio doors and windows