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Seceuroscreen security shutters

SeceuroScreen Security Shutters Range

The Seceuroscreen range of security shutters are light and compact, foam filled aluminium that is CFC friendly, so they are good for the environment too. The shutters give superb heat and sound insulation, are lightweight and ideal for manual operation. Seceuroscreen shutters come in a range of three different colours. Choose from White, Brown or Cream.

Seceuroscreen 1500

Seceuroscreen 1500 built in shutters

Built in Security Shutters. Lightweight and compact, this model offers low to medium security applications and can ideally be used for lighting and shade control. A popular choice for residential properties available in White, Brown or Cream.

To find out more about the Seceuroscreen 1500 Built in security shutters Click here.

Seceuroscreen 1500

Seceuroscreen built on shutters

Built on Security Shutters. This is the ideal security shutter for retail outlets where security is paramount. Can be used manually or electrically. The shutter is lightweight in design and again is available in White, Brown or Cream.

To find out more about the Seceuroscreen 1500 Built on Security Shutters Click here.

Shutter Operation Types

Shutter operation controls

Swivel Belt / Geared Belt

Swivel belt / geared belt shutters are raised and lowered from inside by a belt. Depending upon the shutter size the belt is operated manually or by geared crank handle. This is a lower security option.

Rod Crank Shutters

Rod crank Shutters are raised and lowered from inside by a geared rod crank winding handle which hangs down vertically underneath the box and secures on a clip when not in use.

Spring Loaded Shutters

Spring loaded shutters for external operation on exit doors, shutters can be spring loaded with a transverse key lock in the bottom slat. Also a popular option for bar, servery, counter, cabinet and kiosk applications. (N.B. The bottom slat projects below the shutter when fully raised, check that this will not obstruct outward opening doors).

Motor & Switch

Electric Motors are needed on larger shutters and are optional on smaller shutters. A Tubular motor fits inside the axle and uses a 3 amp fuse. Operation is by a rocker switch, key switch or remote control. A manual override can be used to operate from inside. Multi-shutter electric installations can be wired to operate from a central or group switches. 

Samson Doors are one of the UK's leading security shutters specialists. If you wish to find out more about all of our security shutters and security products we have available, please click here to visit our website.