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Industrial Sliding Doors

large sliding door externally fitted
Externally fitted insulated sliding
door for vehicle storage

Samson Industrial Doors can provide sliding doors for a mulitude of purposes all manufactured from the highest quality steel panels, pre galvanised before either being powdercoated or wet painted to a specified colour. The doors can be either single skin or double skin construction for insulation and strength.

We offer sliding doors for internal or external use with sizes right up to 8000mm wide and 6000mm high, all purpose made to suit the opening.
A sliding operation door is still one of the most efficient use of space in a building and gives the least maintenance for any commercial or industrial door type. The sliding track system usually means the door is supported from the top track and therefore the bottom track system can be quite flexible in how it secures the door panel, rarely requiring a track across the entire length.

The principle of a straight sliding door is simple and properly specified will give years and years of completely trouble free operation whilst providing excellent levels of weather protection and security due to the excellent design and construction of the component parts.

Sliding Fire Doors

We also provide a comprehensive range of Steel and Fire rated sliding doors for use in commercial and industrial applications with fire and smoke protection combined into the one product. Find out more below by downloading our PDFs for Steel and Fire doors.

                    Steel                                             Fire

sliding door door prices

The sliding door system will give nice clean internal workings at any size leaving all the space above the door clear and also any space internally coming back into the building. Operation at any size is an easy manual action.
The sliding door mechanism is simple, sturdy and reliable.

sliding doors give clean internal workings in any building

We can offer 4 different sliding door models for different applications:

The LSP 42mm insulated door, the KSP and KSM 55mm insulated door and the KSE 55mm framed single skin door without insulation, all these doors use the same hardware it is only the panels that differ.
All sliding doors can have glazing options inserted in many different sizes and shapes to give natural light or vision where required.

sliding metal door with glazing KSP sliding metal door system with double glazed units


Window Options

The window options available can be rectangular, square, circular, rhomboid or triangular and can have a plastic or metal frame depending on the door colour chosen and other factors. The glazing can be clear or crystal structure perspex in single or 18mm double pane units for insulation and security.
Windows can be up to 850mm x 850mm if required for maximum light and vision.

sliding door top track section for all Hormann sliding doors


The high quality top tracking section for all the sliding doors ensures a safe, smooth action at any size.

It comprises of a track, 2 pairs of twin rollers on ball bearings, end stops and track supports to anchor the track to the lintel as required.

The door assembly is attached to the lintel via a u shaped profile extending the entire width of the door. A good solid fixture is required from the lintel as this is where the weight is supported for this type of door.



insulated double sliding door set

Properly specified and installed the sliding door system can neatly integrate into the building structure to allow full use of all the space inside. It is definitely the most spce efficient type of door for larger openings.







single skin red sliding industrial door


This sliding door has the raised panel sheet steel infills with 1.5mm thick steel panels used. almost any colour can be specified to make the best of the building colour scheme. It is possible to have the whole door panel fully glazed if required with minimal framework surround and only a solid bottom section for strength and practical purposes.






small internal mounted sliding door for storage area 

It is also possible to have a wicket pass door inset into the main door panel if required when the pedestrian traffic may be high but the door needs to be kept closed for protection of the atmosphere or to keep the building insulated as much as possible.