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Security Folding Grilles

From the SeceuroGuard Range

Our high quality retractable steel grilles are manufactured from galvanised steel and offer very effective security for doors and windows with the added benefit of easily folding away if required when the building is occupied. When closed they also let in a lot of light so are often simply left closed by the occupant of the room as they are relatively unobtrusive. Commercial Security Grilles are an effective non-obtrusive means of protecting your building, windows and assets from vandalism and attempted break ins.
Low maintenance and long life expectancy.

Commercial security grilles are available in any size up to 6000mm wide and 3000mm high (even wider on request) in single or bi parting arrangements. There are a range of standard colours and the option of powdercoating in any RAL or BS colour.

Options include: lift up bottom track for doorways, hinged grille stack for doorways, different bottom tracks for windows and doorways dependant on thresholds and no bottom track option. Floating sash and fixed sash options also give added flexibility.

Commercial Security Grilles Product Range

collapsible security gates for commercial use commercial security grilles for the office

The 1000 Retractable Security Grille coming in 2 designs, X lattics and S lattice for very high levels of security with little ongoing maintenance required. 

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For insurance and Police assured approved, the 1001 series of Retractaible Security Gate has been through rigerous testing and is reccomended by security personnel.

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Retractable Security Grilles are Ideal Security For Windows and Doorways

x lattice collapsible grille design
Profile of X lattice
s lattice grille design
Profile of S lattice

 The SeceuroGuard 1000 is for higher security domestic use and medium security for commercial, retail and counter/cabinet applications. 'S' lattice design option.

Elegant good looks with a heart of steel - the SeceuroGuard Retractable Security Gate System combines a classic appearance with the highest level of protection, ideal for your home or workplace at any size and in any colour.

For a police and insurance approved grille tested by the LPCB have a look at the Seceuroguard 1001 a 'secured by design' approved product offering higher levels of security with a test certification.

Designed to keep intruders out while letting maximum light in, they are perfect for any medium to large window and any vulnerable ground floor doors or windows.

Using options such as the lift up bottom track section as well as the hinge aside stack option you can be sure to maintain the very best clear opening for a doorway when the grille is opened and not in use. 2 options are available for the bottom track, a W shape section or a smaller T section where the W track might be too high and intrusive.

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Seceuroguard grille on office windowWhen not in use these strong retractable security gates are surprisingly unobtrusive. Fitted to the door or window surround, they can disappear neatly into an unobtrusive 'stack' which if colour co ordinated correctly does literally disappear. The grille 'stack' size will vary depending on the width of the grille ordered.

SeceuroGuard retractable gates are exceptionally safe and easy to handle with a smooth, quiet and virtually maintenance free operation. They hang from a top track with a guide track at the base which can be supplied as an optional extra to quickly fold away when not required. Bottom track roller running is available as an option if required.





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The opportunity to remove the bottom guide track from the opening (an optional extra) leaves doorways and shop entrances free from obstruction. It is possible to have the Seceuroguard without any bottom track for certain applications.

Because they are fully retractable, each sash can be stacked neatly in the open position away from the door or window openings when not required, and may be hinged to swing away from the opening at 90 degrees or 180 degrees to provide a completely clear opening as an optional extra.

Installed inside a window, retractable gates deliver an exceptionally strong yet aesthetically appealing barrier against intruders, which allows merchandise to be displayed safely, 24 hours a day and computers to remain in place safely in offices.

For more information, view our Security Gate PDF Technical Guide

A Seceuroguard line drawing to show key points of this exceptional grille

Key Features for the Seceuroguard

  1. 1. Top hung on nylon coated steel bearings
  2. 2. All galvanised steel construction
  3. 3. Powdercoated in a range of finished colours
  4. 4. Fits within or around the reveal
  5. 5. Multi-point locking from a single key
  6. 6. Strong steel lattice with smooth durable finish
  7. 7. Overlapped locking profiles
  8. 8. Optional folding bottom track
  9. 9. Steel riveted lattice assembly system

The Seceuroguard can accomodate an unlimited width using multiple sashes connected together, Sashes are manufactured in 2 m sections and larger sizes are assembled on site ensuring the weight of each section can be handled easily and safely.