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Security Shutters

bar servery and window hatch security servery shuttersSecurity shutters are an unobtrusive security product which provide structural strength and a powerful visual deterrent. They are ideal for any building where security is of the utmost concern. All of our security shutters are purpose made to meet your exacting needs.

Security shutters can be installed built-on or built-in; a built-on security shutter is installed on the exterior of the building and the shutterbox is visible from the outside whereas a built-in shutter is built into the lintel and the shutterbox is hidden from view.

Built-on shutters can be seen as a lower cost option as there is not as much work involved in installing the shutter to the exterior of the property. The uniquely neat finish of security window shutters is particularly evident when they are built-on to an existing building with compact aluminium boxes, styled and painted to minimise their visual impact.

Built-in shutters give all the benefits of easily operated security at night, but by day disappear leaving the building looking aesthetically pleasing. Building the shutter box and guide rails into the wall during construction or major refurbishment achieves a neat finish and more importantly, high levels of security.

They are extraordinarily easy to operate - they can be operated manually or with the help of an electric motor.

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See-Through Shutters

Where desirable punched or perforated slats can be added to provide varying levels of vision and light.

Balancing the demands of security and display with a solution which meets concerns about crime yet still presents an open for window shopping appearance is the strength of see-through security shutters.

Demanded by planners, or an opportunity for generating trade - vision is promoted with a range of designs suited to almost every application. Retail shop fronts, commercial premises and offices seeking a less oppressive look to security have four profiles to choose from. High specification domestic applications are also favouring the appealing mix of light and security.

All shutters are able to mix solid and vision sections to optimise performance. Back lighting of the shutters combined with darker curtain colours greatly improves the perceived level of vision by virtue of the higher contrast between internal and external light levels.

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Security Shutters for Home

Security shutters for your home provide an effective, physical barrier to deter intruders. With vandalism and burglary continuously rising, they offer peace of mind when premises are occupied or vacant. The shutters can be either installed internally or externally and are both operated from inside your home by swivel belt, manual push up and down or electric operated, each, allowing a quick exit in the event of emergencies.

For exit doors or patio doors the shutter may be internally or externally opened via a central lock. Locking bars locate into the side guide rails. The neat finish is evident when fitted to your property with their unobtrusive roll-up boxes and maintenance-free powder coated standard colour finishes.

Commercial Security Shutters

We provide a wide range of commercial security shutters for schools, bars, warehouses, factories, shops, shopping centres. Call us today for more information on 0800 328 6250.

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