Hormann HR120 A Industrial Roller Shutter

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Hormann SB Roller Door

HR120 Aluminium (A), Steel (S) & Aero (Ar)

The Hormann single skinned Aluminium, Steel or Aero HR 120 - highly suitable for underground car parks, shopping centres, arcades and any other premises requiring security with a high level of visibility - is a full-frontal single-skinned roller shutter. It consists of concave, perforated profiles which offer high ventilation qualities and improve visual contact compared to similar roller shutter doors.

The finely perforated profile keeps out dust, leaves, paper and other general waste and prevents debris passing through the shutter.

The unique shape of the shutter profiles make it impossible for small children to climb up the shutter or get caught on it. This prevents often underestimated potential hazards such as damages or injuries and offers a high level of imposing security at the same time.

The SB HR 120 Rolling Grille can be installed with a compact electric operator with integrated control and push button type DTH for increased convenience. Easy retrofitting is possible at a later point if required, another great feature of this new roller door. No additional installation side room is required for fitting.

As a standard both the Aluminium and Aero door comes with:

  • Single Skinned Curtain - A full-frontal single-skinned roller curtain consists of concave, perforated profiles which offer high ventilation qualities and improve visual contact compared to similar roller shutter doors.
  • Finger Trap Protection- Black plastic strips on the edges of the side guide protect against cuts.
  • Anti-Fall Safeguard - Separate catch safety device for chain drive and tubular operators. Just like the integral version, this version is a high-performance device that responds as soon as the speed limit is fractionally exceeded.
SB HR 120

HR 120 (S)

The (S) profile is made of heavy duty steel with a galvanised finish: your door can withstand extremely high loads

HR 120 (A)

The aluminium bright rolled version is the standard surface finish for this profile. The profile exterior of the aluminium coil-coated surface finish features high-quality colour coating

HR 120 Aero

HR 120 Aero (Ar)

This finely perforated profile permits the entry of adequate light and air. Dust, paper and other contaminants remain outside. The bright-rolled surface finish is particularly well-suited for simple applications. The exterior of the coil-coated surface finish features a high-quality colour coating.


The Direct Drive Operator comes as standard and is ideal for small to medium sized rolling grilles. Equipped with integral catch safety device.

Optional ZAK system has a ZAK gearbox on either side, so the barrel moves away from the lintel on opening and towards the lintel on closing. The ZAK system reduces noise, abrasive wear and required headroom as well as improving sealing in the lintel area.

The ZAK XL is ideal for large doors with chain drive operators.

There are 3 types of operator that will be suitable for the SB HR 120 Roller Grille:

WA 250 R S4 Motor WA 300 R S4 Motor WA 300 AR S4 Motor
WA 250 R S4 - The inexpensive operator with press-and-hold operation WA 300 R S4 - The comfortable operator with impulse operation WA 300 AR S4 - The space-saving operator with soft start and soft stop


Soft Start, Soft Stop

  • As standard for all SB rolling grilles with operators
  • Ensures quiet door travel, reducing wear on the door and operator

Release directly on the operator as standard

  • Integrated maintenance release directly on the operator
  • The door can be switched to manual operation at any time
  • The door remains fully functional, even in the event of a power failure

Easy fitting

  • Operator fitting is very easy, since no components need to be fitted on the curtain.
  • No additional side space requirement
  • with the operators WA 250 R S4, WA 300 R S4
  • Low amount of effort required for fitting, repair and other services
  • Optional fitting gearbox facilitates fitting further as no forklift is required
Optional Cover

Optional cover

To prevent accidental reaching into the door barrel, doors under 2500 mm height require a shaft cover (cover in accordance with the requirements of EN 13241-1)

Curtain cover PVSB protects the door barrel

Operator cover VWA protects the operator

Aluminium spring chamber cover AFA protects the spring systems

Permanent protection from dirt and adverse effects of the weather

Colour and Finishes

Colours are often underestimated when purchasing large products. In modern industrial and commercial architecture, coloured shutters are increasingly used as key design elements. Primarily due to their vast size, rolling shutters already play a key role in determining the visual appearance of the facade.

RAL 9002 RAL 9006

Additional Options

The SB Hr 120 Aero, Aluminium and Steel comes with a number of optional features including Side (Wicket) Door and the additional safety option of a *Side Trap Guard

*A cover made of a special rigid fabric that prevents operators from reaching into the hazard area where the doors rolls up.