See Through Security Shutters

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Samson can provide various security roller shutter swith varying degrees of light and vision available through the actual shutter curtain itself. 
See through security shutters are a very popular type of product for use in retail high street shops or anywhere with a desire to keep vision to either side even when the shutter is closed and operating as a security barrier. many people want security shutters to be as discreet as possible and when using a shutter with vision slats you can also ensure your premises is still seen out of hours and at night.

There are 3 types of security shutter offering a see through capability with very different levels of percentage vision.

  1. Perforated Security Shutters

    The perforated vision shutter is constructed using steel or aluminium curtain slats with many small holes drilled into the slat producing a 17 – 25% vision when used. These small holes do not allow much at all to be passed through so maintain the highest level of security for a vision shutter.
 It is essential the window or door behind has good lighting in order to see through this curtain at night. The vision would not be that effective during daytime use.

    SeceuoroVision 38 Perforated SeceuroVision 75    

  2. Punched Security Shutters

    A punched see through security shutter is constructed using steel or aluminium slat sections with varying sizes of rectangular holes punched out of the solid curtain section. The vision levels are typically between 45 – 62% using this type of shutter and another added bonus is the ability to have polycarbonate inserts fitted with the punched sections to make the shutter effectively solid against weather, rain and wind but also prevent fingers and other items being able to be pushed through the open section. The ‘punched and glazed’ type security shutter is essential where the potential for people climbing up the curtain may be possible but in many cases it is wide to simply have a small section of the shutter with the punched and glazed section and the top and bottom sections with the solid slats. A mixture of the slats is possible in any formation required as well as different patterns in the layout of the punched sections.

    SeceuroVision 38 punched SeceuroVision 800 SeceuroShield 77 punched  

  3. Tube and Link Security Shutters

    The tube and link style of high vision security shutter has been around for many years. You would mainly have seen them in shops such as jewellers and fitted inside the windows normally. These are the ultimate in see through shutters offering up to 70% vision when closed but can only ever be in a complete curtain of the same tube and link as the curtain is formed using a series of tubular sections with interlinking flat sections to form the open sections. Again you can have different patterns formed by the placement of the joining sections for a ‘brick bond’ or simple repeating ‘in line’ pattern with the option of either 150mm or a smaller 75mm spacing option with a small surcharge.
The tube and link is commonly used in reception areas, serving hatches, retail shops and bars. The shutter can be manually operated with a spring assisted operation and sizes up to 4m wide and 2.8m high. In the electrically operated version the size increase to 5m wide and 4m high.

    SeceuroVision 900      

Samson also supply and side range of industrial and commercial roller shutter doors with the option of vision slats all as described above. We have insulated roller doors where the punched slats when chosen can be double glazed infill sections to mainitain the highest levels of insulation still.

Many roller shutter doors are now supplied with a few of the curtain slats with see through options in order to give the operative inside a chance to view the person or vehicle outside the premises before opening the door. This maintains a higher level of safety and security all round.

All the various security shutter models that offer vision can be supplied in a standard high quality finished colour range with optional RAL or BS colours available when required at a small extra charge.

All the security shutters are made to order to the millimetre in width and height and a wide range of access controls are available for the control and operation of the shutter in conjunction with the electric motor and manual override function. Battery back up power packs are also available if access is always critical.