Seceurovision 3800 Perforated Security Shutters

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seceurovision 38 see through shutters 

SeceuroVision 38 (Perforated or Punched) See-Through Security Shutters

The see-through SeceuroVision 38 is suited to medium-security applications. With it's strong extruded aluminium profile, the SeceuroVision 38 offers more than enough security for medium security offices, commercial and retail applications.

seceurovision 3800 perforated and punched installed in a commercial building
Perforated section shown in lower area of this picture Seceurovison punched version

The slats consist of a 38mm deep profiled wall of extruded aluminium. They are available both punched or perforated, as shown in the pictures above. Suitable for both internal and external installation. The perforated slats offer 17% vision allowing light to shine both in and out of the shutters. These slats can be combined with the SeceuroShield 38 when partial vision is required.


The SeceuroVision 38 uses the standard H30 guide rail however the H40/S guide rail is available for a surcharge. It consists of extruded aluminium with an integral box section for reinforcement and to facilitate fixing. The dimensions of the guide rails are 60mm wide x 24mm deep. They are available in stock colours of white and brown.


Description: SeceuroVision 38 uses a single wall extruded aluminium slat. Available as punched or perforated and with or without glazing.
Common Use: Lightweight and compact, the SeceuroVision 38 is suited to medium security applications.
Dimensions: Nominally 40mm high x 8.7mm thick.
Weight: 6.5kg per square metre (without glazing) / 8kg per square metre (with glazing).
Stock Colours: White, Brown or Cream. Bottom slat - White or Dark Brown.


Min Width: 500mm
Max Width x Height  3000mm x 5000mm
Max Area: 12sqm
Material: Extruded Aluminium / 6.5kg per m²
seceurovision 3800 38mm deep profiled single wall extruded aluminium slat - punched and perforated


Construction: Roll formed aluminium in two sections; top and bottom boxes. Bottom box removable for installation and maintenance and chamfered at 45°.
Box Ends: The shutterbox is assembled on die cast aluminium endplates.
Box Sizes: Clear opening height (to underside of box):
1535mm, box size 165mm
1820mm, box size 180mm
2595mm, box size 205mm
Stock Colours: White, Dark Brown. SeceuroVision 38 shutters can be powder coated to alternative standard RAL or BS colours at extra cost and, should this be required, we would be pleased to prepare a quotation.

For higher level of security the H40/S guide rail offers an increased specification to the standard guide rail but does not incorporate wind locks. These guide rails are available at extra cost to the standard guide rails.