SeceuroDoor Insulated Roller Door

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SeceuroDoor 100 Insulated Steel Roller Door

Hardened Steel Insulated Door

The SeceuroDoor 100 is another fantastic choice of roller door with a 100mm deep and very thick double skinned steel slat. This door has a 23mm thick lath construction and a wind rating of 5 compared to 3 for most other doors. It has the option of vision sections and is available up to 7000mm x 7000mm with either a single or 3 phase motor option and further options on the motors and controls as expected. This is a great roller door for large openings in exposed locations or where higher levels of insulation are required.

The twinwall steel makes this profile especially resistant to damage and reduces deflection.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Minimal thermal bridges and the use of CFC free insulation infill ensure good thermal insulation whilst curtain and sealing technology used around the entire shutter reduce noise from both inside and outside.

  • Max width 7000 mm
  • Max height 7000 mm
  • Max area 49 m2
  • Your choice of motor
  • Can be powder coated any colour
  • Choice of 4 guide arrangement options
  • Standard guide angle is 100 mm x 50 mm
  • Vision option available – 200 mm x 55 mm Clear Perspex
  • Vision Panel with a minimum of 200 mm space in between
  • Wind class rating: Class 5


SeceuroDoor Motor Options


Drive Systems for non counter-balanced Industrial Doors

  • Models from 170 Nm to 1800 Nm
  • High precision worm drive gearbox
  • Range of output speeds and torques
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Safety brake incorporated
  • Low level hand chain operation as standard
  • Plug-connected control equipment
  • Certified to BS EN 12453

Ranger 90 & 150

Drive Systems for Industrial Rolling Shutters

  • Range of output speeds and torques
  • Available with either digital or mechanical limits
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Low level hand chain operation as standard
  • Plug-connected control equipment
  • Certified to BS EN 12453:2001-02

PLEASE NOTE: These doors with a GfA motor as standard

SeceuroDoor Installation Options

We are able to offer four standard variations of guide angle arrangement. The appropriate solution will depend on the structure the product is being fitted to and the application.


Guide angle inset or outset


Flag outset  Outset   
 Flag Inset  Inset
 Reveal  Outset
Mixed Inset/Outset

Typical Direct Drive Exploded Image

Typical Inboard Exploded Image