Hormann High Speed Roller Doors

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Hormann V 2715 SE R High Speed Roller Door

The Hormann V 2715 SE R. Thanks to its compact tubular drive and the alignment of the barrel drive and the guide rail, the V2715SER looks smart from both an internal and external point of view.

 The High Speed Solution To Compact Spaces
Hormann V 2715 SE R in blue with vision panel

Hormann V 2715 SE R with a light sensor installed in the door guide

The high-speed solution for constricted spaces
A gearbox that protrudes to the side is normally not possible to install easily with storage shelves in logistic areas and supermarkets. The high-speed door V 2715 SE R with the tubular drive integrated in the door shaft is an optimum solution from an installation point of view.

Fully equipped
The fast and quiet run of the roller door due to the standard frequency converter (FU) control, the light grille and the increased personal safety that results from the vertically flexible Soft Edge bottom profile with manual insertion make the V 2715 SE R a safe internal door for areas where there is high frequency. Aluminium profile option for improved curtain stability.

The barrel cover that is limited to the door width is available as a galvanised version and on request also powder-coated based on RAL.

Fitted quickly and simply
To enable a quick fitting, the door shaft is already assembled with the tubular drive at the factory.

Maximum Door size
Width (LB) max. 2750 mm
Height (LH) max. 3000 mm

Speed* opening/closing
Standard control
BK 150 FUE H 1.5/0.8 m/s
*max., depending on the door size ordered

Spring steel in curtain pockets
Fabric/vision panel thickness 1.5/2.0 mm

Emergency opening
Automatic opening via UPS during power failure
(BS 150 FUE H USV, 230 V)

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