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Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

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Door Finish  White Standard Woodgrain Foil Laminates Other RAL Paint Colours

Panel Type  Double Skinned Insulated Single Skin - Non Insulated

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A sectional garage door is a type of garage door in which the door panels are split into horizontal sections (usually 4 on a standard garage height door) and opens by rising vertically. It is guided by sliding in steel tracks which then curve usually behind ther lintel and travel horizontally into the garage to leave the whole door resting parallel with the ceiling usually higher up than the door ordering height offering full drive through height. A vertically rising door split into a minimum of 4 horizontal panels to slide up and into the garage on a tracking system. Available in a wide variety of panel types, single and double skinned insulated and also manual or electric operated. All the doors are paint or laminate prefinished as standard.