Robust glas dor rc2 steel security rated steel doorsets

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Glas-Dor RC2
Security Rated Steel Doorsets
Material: Steel 
Gear Type: Hinged Doors 
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The Glas-Dor is a steel fully glazed door set with a full glass profile frame system to offer a complete solution in many different buidlings, especially where fire resistance and security might be required. This version is an RC2 certified doorset and made to measure for a perfect fit along with the surrounding glass transoms or side lights with the same certification.

The GLAS-DOR system is type-approved for several fire-resistant classes in combination with burglary resistance, e.g. EI 60 and RC3. Fire resistance is provided in accordance with the applicable type approval certificate. Burglary-resistance classes RC3 and RC4 are in accordance with standard ENV 1627.
The type approval certificates mean that “labelled” sections can be used to comply with specific requirements for fire and burglary resistance with a transparent solution in stairwells, for instance. It is also possible to move exterior protection from an entrance and also comply with these requirements in stairwells, for example, that may separate various activities.

The profile depth can be adjusted to suit specific requirements, e.g. 65, 70 and 90 mm.

In addition to requirements for fire resistance the glass must also comply with requirements for burglary resistance as per EN 356 as well as fittings.

What is PAS24?

PAS 24 guarantees the production of doors in line with PAS 24 2016 regulations: Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. It is for external doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for certain dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk and the specific and the relevant material specific standard for general performance. For this reason, a UKAS approved body monitors the production of our doors to ensure we comply with these standards consistently. Of course with a regulated production process and a tested specification involving making a product stronger inevtiably you also benefit from a more durable product to stand up to day to day use as well ensuring longevity and quality.


PAS 24 is a British minimum standard, meaning you can only achieve a pass or a fail. It involves a series of tests that simulate an attack on a doorset from an opportunist burglar. The tests assess the security performance to see if a door meets minimum standards. PAS 24 certified steel doors will offer higher basic security than non-certified doors. They are totally suitable for external use in buildings exposed to reasonable risk, such as commercial properties.

Robust Glas-Dor

The Glas-Dor is now PAS 24 certified. Already offering up to 2 hours fire resistance, acoustic reduction and bullet resistant glass. Manufactured in the UK and made to measure it is ideal for use in offices, hospitals and other similar public buildings. Due to the fire resistant qualities, Glas-Dor makes for an excellent installation along fire exit routes and stairwells used in the event of a fire.


Most commercial buildings to offer maximum light and vision but with the various levels of options for fire ratings BS 1634-1 up to EI120, security ratings BS EN 1627 RC2 uo to RC5 and PAS24, acoustic ratings up to 55 dB, ballistic resistance BS EN 1522 - FB3NS to FB7NS and thermal insulation too.

Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Retail Units, Offices, Cinemas and many other buildings requiring a high quality fullly glazed solution to an entrance or internal division


Key Features

  • Fire resistance up to 2 hours – BS EN1634-1
  • Fire-resistant sliding doors up to 30mins
  • PAS 24 Certified
  • Burglary and bullet resistance
  • Door leaf and frame profiles available 30, 50 and 85mm
  • Narrow 20mm and wide profiles available: 85, 130, 180 or 260mm
  • Finger trap gasket tested to BS476

All Steel Doors manufactured using a base material of ‘Magnelis’ carry a 10 year anti-corrosion warranty in any locations classed as C1 – C3. Any locations classed as C4 or C5 would carry a 5 year and 3 year warranty respectively. Anti-corrosion warranty applies to the door leaf only unless we are informed prior to quotation and manufacturing and an additional protection is offered for components not available in magnelis such as the vision panels, louvre panels, etc… Any doors manufactured in Aluzinc carry a 24 month anti-corrosion warranty unless an enhanced PPC finish is requested and applied. All doorsets carry a 24 month warranty against manufacturing defects. All warranties are subject to site maintenance being carried out at regular intervals as outlined in the O&M manual.