Robust glas dor steel fully glazed steel doorsets

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Fully Glazed Steel Doorsets
Fully Glazed Fire Rated Steel Doors
Material: Steel 
Gear Type: Hinged Doors 
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The Glas-Dor offers a fire rated and fully glazed profile doorset, available in insulated and non insulated profiles. It is ideal for offices, hotels, shopping centres, airports, schools and other similar public buildings. manufactured in the UK they are all produced as made to measure sizes and specifications.
The profile system allows for large coverage incorporating the door to be achieved with a robust steel framing system and glazing to suit.

Key Doorset Features:

Fire resistance up to 2 hours - BS EN 1634-1
Fire resistat sliding doors up to 30 mins as an option
Burglary and bullet resistance
Door leaf and frame profiles available as 30, 50 and 85mm
Stronger and more stable than aluminium doors
Narrow 20mm profiles available and wider at 85, 130, 180, 260mm - Integrity only

Integrity Only
(W) x (H)

Single Leaf Door Maximum sizes
1403mm wide x 2702mm high structural opening sze

Double Leaf Door Maximum width - PER leaf
1380mm wide x 2542mm high structural opening sizes

The above can be fitted with over panels and side panels, maximum width of a side panel is 1092mm and can be on both sides of the doors. Over panels (transoms) covering the full width of your door leaf are a maximum size of 506mm. We have an option to add in mullions, splitting up the over panel you can increase the height to 926mm.
Maximum width of an overpanel is 2090mm ( without mullions).

Integrity and Insulation
(W) x (H)

SInge Leaf Door Maximum sizes
1296mm wide x 2566mm high structural opening sizes

Double Leaf Door Maximum width - PER leaf
1225mm wide x 2605mm high structural opening size

For the above we offer side and over panels. Maximum width of a side panel is 1092mm and can be placed either side of the doorset. Over panels spanning the full width of your door sets can go to 449mm high. Over panels with mullions in can go 828mm. Maximum width of an overpanel is 2050mm (without mullions)

Secured By Design, PAS24 fully glazed door tested is in the thermally broken profile, fire rating can be integrity only or integrity and insulation. It is tested with a STEP18 access control lock combined with an ASSA 410 Sash lock. The maximum size is a structural opening of 1156ww x 2253ww. Side panels are tested and certified, but only to one side and the maximum width is 1156mm. Door leaf test is with a mullion, so the door leaf will require a mullion to keep the PAS24 certification.


Doorsets for most buldlings and Glas-Dor profiling system for use as wall and window sections in offices, shops, aiprots, hotels, sports centres, schools and coleges, hospitals, etc.

Any application where high vision is required but also the benefits of the steel strength and security, fire resistance and occaionally bullet proofing.



Key Features

  • Fire resistance up to 2 hours – BS EN1634-1
  • Fire-resistant sliding doors up to 30mins
  • PAS 24 Certified
  • Burglary and bullet resistance
  • Door leaf and frame profiles available 30, 50 and 85mm
  • Narrow 20mm and wide profiles available: 85, 130, 180 or 260mm
  • Finger trap gasket tested to BS476

All Steel Doors manufactured using a base material of ‘Magnelis’ carry a 10 year anti-corrosion warranty in any locations classed as C1 – C3. Any locations classed as C4 or C5 would carry a 5 year and 3 year warranty respectively. Anti-corrosion warranty applies to the door leaf only unless we are informed prior to quotation and manufacturing and an additional protection is offered for components not available in magnelis such as the vision panels, louvre panels, etc… Any doors manufactured in Aluzinc carry a 24 month anti-corrosion warranty unless an enhanced PPC finish is requested and applied. All doorsets carry a 24 month warranty against manufacturing defects. All warranties are subject to site maintenance being carried out at regular intervals as outlined in the O&M manual.