Sws sws seceurodoor 7502 industrial roller door steel lps1175 rated roller doors

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SeceuroDoor 7502
LPS1175 Rated Roller Doors
LPS1175 SR2 Security Rated Roller Shutter Door
Material: Steel 
Gear Type: Roller Shutter 
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Insurance approved security shutters tested to Loss Prevention Standard 1175-2 (LPS1175-2)

The rigorous LPS 1175 burglary resistance standard is operated by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).
LPCB are the UK's leading independent certification body and the LPS 1175 standard is recognised and endorsed by 16 organisations including the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Police Officers. The Seceurodoor 7502 provides complete assurance of a steel roller shutter door for commercial or industrial applications offering a high degree of resisitance to burglary attempts and is manufactured by SWS to exacting standards.
Galvanised STEEL as standard
Strong single skin galvanised steel profile as standard (18 guage)
High security industrial applications
Wind lock guides as standard
Spans widths up to 7000mm
Can be powder coated any RAL/BS colour

The entire SeceuroDoor range is available as either a direct drive, inboard, single phase or 3 phase with various internal control panel options and safety devices to ensure complete peace of mind when the door is operational.


The Seceurodoor 7502 is for where a higher level of security is required and assured by the SR2 security rating. It is for ideal for more exposed locations where perimeter security perhaps isn't available and the door needs to protect the building and contents.



Minimum/Maximum Clear Opening Sizes
Minimum width 2000mm
Maximum width 6800mm
Minimum height 2000mm
Maximum height 4200mm

LPCB specifications:
-    Certificate available via the RedBookLive
-    LPS1175: Issue 7
-    Security level.2

-    Certificate no. 390e/02

LPCB Requirements:
-    The product must be internally face fitted around the opening
-    The head (axle/box/canopy) must be concealed behind the structure of the building
-    Bullet lock must be fitted to the internal side (accessed from the inside of the building only). These are manually operated after the door is closed fully.

-    Construction:        75mm 18g (1.2mm) single skin slat
-    Weight:                   14Kg per meter square
-    Slat Dimension:     75mm (85mm to top of quirk) high x 19mm deep
-    Stock Colours:       Galvanised
-    Available Colours:  Powder coated RAL or BS colours
-    Endlocks:                Steel endlocks & windlocks
-    Wind Class:             Rating 2

Bottom Slat:
-    Construction:         “T” sectioned steel bottom slat
-    Slat Dimension:      49mm high x 74mm deep
-    Stock Colours:        Galvanised
-    Available Colours:   Powder coated RAL or BS colours

Guide Channels:
-    Construction:           100mm steel wind guides
-    Guide Dimension:    40mm x 100mm
-    Stock Colours:         Galvanised
-    Available Colours:   Powder coated RAL or BS colours

Axle Assembly:
-    Construction:          Steel barrels ranging from 4” 16g to 6 5/8” 6g with;
     o    Industrial;          A drive shaft (30mm, 40mm or 55mm) on one side & dummy shaft (30mm, 40mm or 55mm) on the other.
     o    Tubular;              A tubular motor on one side & a dummy end or safety brake shaft on the other
-    Drive Options:         Inboard/direct drive or tubular

Hood, Fascia & Endplate

-    Construction:                   Steel hood & fascia are optional and are sized by the endplates used. If over 3m these will come as 2 pieces & if over 6m they will come as 3 pieces.
     o    Industrial;                    Folded commercial steel endplates are used ranging from 350mm to 500mm.
     o    Tubular;                       Flat steel endplates ranging from 250mm to 400mm
-    Endplate Dimension:
     o    Industrial;                    92mm x 6mm, 8mm or 10mm (depends on endplate size)
     o    Tubular;                       3mm thick
-    Hood/Fascia Dimension: 0.9mm thick sheet steel
-    Stock Colours:                  Galvanised
-    Available Colours:            Powder coated RAL or BS colours

-    Industrial single/three phase motors options
-    Tubular motors in single phase only