Hormann fst mz steel sliding doors

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Sliding Doors
Multi Purpose Straight Sliding Door
Material: Steel 
Gear Type: Sliding 
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  • Description

The Hormann FST is a sliding steel door which can be specified for multiple uses in many environments, commercial or industrial.

Hormann sliding doors offer a modern door appearance through a patented V groove at the element joint without visible screw connections. The high stability is ensured through the interlocked, toothed labyrinth plug-in profile. The elements are 72 mm wide, fully glued and flush, and aligned with each other through threaded rods. This creates a high-quality door leaf with parallel, uniformly wide edges. The individual elements are up to 9 m high and are produced from a single piece without any unattractive weld seams. Surface finishes and colours. The flush and fully bonded sliding doors are delivered in galvanized sheet steel as standard. For the door leaf and door leaf on the wicket door you can choose between the standard Pearlgrain and smooth sheet steel surfaces. The frame parts are supplied with a smooth surface in both versions. For a harmonious door appearance, the doors including frame parts are optionally available in primed Grey white RAL 9002 or with powder-coated primer in 7 preferred colours, RAL to choose, metallic colours or NCS colours and as an exclusive powder coating in Corten steel.

Stainless steel version

For special visual or construction requirements, doors in stainless steel V2 A, 1.4301 with a 240 K grain size are available. All components, such as the door leaf, tracks, cladding, weight boxes, cables, rollers and support brackets are made of stainless steel. We also deliver optional closing weights in stainless steel V2 A, 1.4301.

Additional versions on request.

For an exclusive view, all FST sliding doors are available in the high-quality powder coating with the visual and tactile effect of Corten steel..