Hormann supramatic e electric garage door operators

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Supramatic E Garage Door Operator

Electric Garage Door Operators

with BiSecur Technology!

Material: N/A 
Gear Type: Remote Control Operators 
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Web Price: £334.00(Excluding VAT and £400.80 Inc. VAT)

External Emergency Release required
Optional safety feature

Web Price: £334.00(Excluding VAT and £400.80 Inc. VAT)
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The latest generation of Hörmann garage door operators now feature the new Hörmann BiSecur radio system and new elegant handsets.

The new Hormann SupraMatic Operator also features all new easy-to-use programming where all of the operator functions can be set simply by entering a two digit code. The halogen, or optional LED, lighting can be operated independently either via the handset or optional push button switch. There is also an adjustable opening option that allows you to ventilate the garage without completely opening the door.

Both the SupraMatic P and SupraMatic E operators are now supplied with 2 '4-button HSE 4 BS textured surface black with chrome caps as standard' transmitters that allow you to check if the garage door is open or closed at the touch of a button.

The new BiSecur, hand held transmitters for opening automatic doors and gates, feature bi-directional FM radio signals that use the same 128 bit encryption employed by banks for online banking security. Not only does this system make the transmitters more secure but also means that the signal is more reliable and gives extended operating distances.
Another benefit of the new BiSecur system, is that it includes a remote status query. A simple push of a button will tell you whether an out of sight door is open or closed. The multicolour LED light shows red if the door is open and green if closed. The door can be closed even when out of sight, the LED displaying a blue light until the door is closed and the light turns to green. In this circumstance it is recommended that an additional photocell is installed for added safety.

Please Note: KTAF1 or KTAH1 adaptor is required for any canopy doors!

Note: L Boom is collection only unless ordered with a door, due to carriage restrictions.


The Hormann Supramatic E Garage Door Operator is supplied with the following equipment as standard:

The Hormann Supramatic E Operator comes as standard with 1 No 5-button hand transmitter (HS 5 BS) in Black and 1 No 4-button hand transmitter (HSE 4 BS) in Black Textured Surface.

  • Integral 3-channel receiver in 868.3 MHz for functions impulse, operator lighting and second opening height. Each hand transmitter factory-coded individually from over 1 trillion combinations.
  • Quick release operated from the inside, connecting cable with CEE plug,integral garage light with factory set 2-minute light, radio-operated.
  • Door security kit as safety device.
  • Universal installation bracket for up-and-over doors and sectional doors.

The operator housing construction consists of a mixture of aluminium and plastic components.

It can operate in temperatures ranging from - 20 °C up to + 60 °C up to a maximum of 25 door cycles (open/close) per day.

Operator details: 24 V DC gear drive,mains voltage 230 - 240 V AC, 0.2 kW, push and pull force 650 N, peak force 800 N, opening speed 22 cm/s.

Operator boom FS 10: self-supporting steel boom with polyester/polyamide toothed belt, plastic slide carriage and automatic belt tensioner. 1-piece, completely pre-assembled.

Electronic control unit: microprocessor control, automatic adjustment of safety cut-out and travel limits, adjustable soft start and soft stop, 7-segment display, operator light and second opening height adjustable. Automatic timer adjustable, hold-open time 10 - 180 sec. after activation, impulse control.

K Boom - short (as standard)
• Up-and-over garage doors up to 2500 mm high
• Sectional doors with track application N up to 2250 mm high
• Sectional doors with track application L/Z/H up to 2125 mm high
• Total length 3200 mm, travel distance 2475 mm

M Boom - medium
• Up-and-over garage doors up to 2750 mm high
• Sectional doors with track application N up to 2500 mm high
• Sectional doors with track application L/Z/H up to 2375 mm high
• Total length 3450 mm, travel distance 2725 mm

L Boom - long
• Sectional doors with track application N/L/Z up to 3000 mm high
• Total length 4125 mm, travel distance 3400 mm

Adaptor Kits for other door types:
When fitting an operator to a canopy door, you must select one of the following:
KTAF1 - canopy doors adaptor (non Hormann doors)
KTAH1 - canopy doors adaptor (Hormann doors only).

Hormann Hinged Door Fitting Kit (436135) for double-leaf garage doors up to 3m wide, 90 degree angle.
Only for doors opening outwards
For opening angle greater than 90 degrees
Boom FTS 10 also required (included in package).

Hormann Boom for Hinged Door Fitting Kit (435230) for operators Promatic and Supramatic E/P in combination with doors with hinged door fitting kit.Overall length: 3200mm
Only for doors opening outwards
Hinged door fitting kit FTS required (included in package).


For Hormann Supramatic E Garage Door Operator installation instructions, click here to view our animated video walkthrough.

Installation is very easy with the Hormann range of electric operators as the unit will set itself up with the correct pressures and safety sensor settings after a simple ome off routins once the operator is attached and secured to the garage door panel.


5 years warranty - full details on request